All births, baptisms & marriages at Tatterford, Norfolk (all from IGI)

RALPH GYMER Generation 1

Married Sessely Anderesone 15th April 1634. (Later spellings mainly Sisely)

Children of Ralph and Sisely

William GymerBapt 15th March 1634
John GymerBapt 13th March 1635
William GymerBapt 24th September 1637
Thomas GymerBapt 10th November 1639 (more below)
Ane GymerBapt 16th January 1641
Joanne GymerBapt 6th August 1642
Jean GymerBapt 6th August 1643

THOMAS GYMER Generation 2

Thomas Gymer baptised 10th November 1639 the son of Ralph & Sisely (Anderesone)
Marries Anne ????

Children of Thomas & Anne. All events Tatterford St Margaret

Thomas GymerBapt 1st November 1668. Burial 20th February 1677/78 son of Anne a wid
Mary GymerBapt 28 Jan 1671
William GymerBapt 14th February 1671
Ralph GymerBapt 15 Apr 1677. {Burial 27 Apr 1740 at Barney of a Ralph Gymer}

Burial 16 Mar 1632 William Gymer son of George
Burial Tatterford 17th November 1679 Frances Gymer son of Anne, a widow


Events at Congham from Norfolk Family History Transcripts
1614 Judith Gymer daughter of Ralph
1621 Mary Gymer daughter of William
1622 William Gymer son of Robert
1624 Thomas Gymer son of William
1626 Dorothy Gymer daughter of William
1629 Bridget Gymer daughter of William
17 Aug 1636 William Gymer son of Amye (base)3

1623 Mary Gymer daughter of William
1624 Thomas Gymer son of William
1635 Dorothy Gymer daughter of William
1635 William Gymer
1641 Bridget Gymer daughter of William

Marriage3 Congham St Andrew 20th April 1680 Cicely Gymer (of Darsingham) & John Parson, both widows


23 Jan 1713/14 Janet Gymer & Tho Reynolds


Nicholas Gymer marries Ann ??
Children of Nicholas & Ann, all events Dersingham unless stated:-
Bapt Elizabeth Gymer 10 Feb 1658
Bapt Anne Gymer 6 Feb 1664 the daughter of Nicholas & Anne (at Sandringham)
Bapt Easter Gymer 25 Mar 1670
Burial Ann Gymer 25 Mar 1670 daughter of Nicholas
Bapt John Gymer 12 Apr 1674
Bapt 6 Mar 1688Katherin
Bapt 22 Mar 1690 Constance

Bapt43 Margaret Gymer 17 Dec 1601 the daughter of Edmonde & Margaret
Bapt43 Mary Gymer 3 Mar 1603 the daughter of Edmonde & Margaret
Bapt43 Nicholas Gymer 12 Mar 1605 the daughter of Edmonde & Margaret
Bapt43 Katherine Gymer 12 Mar 1608 the daughter of Edmund & Margaret
Bapt43 Nicholaus Gymer 25 Jan 1625 the son of Ricardi
Bapt43 Galfridus (Geoffrey) Gymer 7 Nov 1630 the son of Ricardi. Buried 9 Nov 1630
Bapt43 Alicia Gymer 10 Dec 1636 the daughter of Nicolai & Joane
Bapt43 Elizabeth Gymer 18 Sep 1636 the daughter of Ricardi & Agnetis
Bapt43 Alicia Gymer 10 Dec 1636 the daughter of Nicolai & Joane
Bapt Susan Gymer 23 Aug 1657 the daughter of Richard
Burial George Gymer 7 Apr 1670 son of Nicholas & Ann
Bapt Elizabeth Gymer 12 Jun 1674 the daughter of Richard & Cicely

Dersingham 1654 The consent unto marriage of Richard Gymer of Dersingham widow and of Anne Goslinge of Harpelie single woman was published by Robert Legitt Parish register there in the pish Church of Dersingham aforesayd on three sevall Lords dayes that is to say July 16th 23rd 30th and no exception being made against the sayd intended marriage the sayd Richard Gymer and Anne Goslinge were on the. {this entry was never finsished}

From Index to Acts of Administration in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1655-1660 (Acts of Administration)1:- 1658 Richard Gymer of Dassingham
Probate Inventory 1669-1670 Nicholas Gymer Snr Yeoman of Dersingham
Probate Inventory 1681-1682 Nicholas Gymer Yeoman of Dersingham
From Parish Records of Dersingham:- abuttals of Nicholas Gymer's lands nd; copy warrants for collection of aids and totals assessed for each parish in Smithdon hundred 1689 (NRO cat ref PD 603/71)

Burial 27 Jun 1677 Richard Gymer
Burial Ann Gymer 9 Jan 1680. Will 1680 Anne Gymer widow of Dersingham
Burial 10 Dec 1680 Elizabeth Gymer
Burial 30 Dec 1680 Nicholas Gymer


Marriage 17 Dec 1777 James Guymer (of Wood Norton) & Jane Green (otp) (PR 41). Both made mark. Witnesses Elizabeth Smith & John Mason
Burial 30 Jan 1785 Robert Gymer Attlebridge the son of James & Jane (Green)

Burial of a James Guymer aged 70 Elsing 29 Feb 1833 (PR 157) of Elsing


Marriage 8th May 1772 Nathanie Daniel (of East Rudham) & Esther Gymer (otp)

Burial 24 Jan 1701 Geoffrey Gymer


Marriage 28th November 1555 Thomas Wells & Margaret Guymer
Marriage 28th August 1648 John Melton & Amy Gymer (wid)


Marriage 24th February 1645 Ralph Gymer & Eden Faulkener


Burial3 7 Apr 1796 Sarah Ealen? Gymer base born daughter of Mary


Bapt John Gymer 22 Jan 1603 the son of Frauncis & Joane
Bapt Frauncis Gymer 15 Nov 1607 the son of Frauncis & Joane

Burial Dorothy Gymer 9 May 1648 daughter of John


Bapt Johanna Gymer 20 Aug 1592 the daughter of Roberti


Marriage 10 Feb 1664 Alicia Gymer & Robertuis Constable

Burial 3 Nov 1701 Barbara Gymer


Marriage 27th October 1696 of William Gymer & Mary Cooper


Bapt43 John Gymer 27 Oct 1616 the son of Rose
Bapt43 Robert Gymer 13 Nov 1625 the son of Ralfe

Marriage43 6 Aug 1620 William GYMER & Aymye Blogg

Burial 12 Jun 1617 Jude Gymer daughter of Rafe
Burial 6 Nov 1616 Alice Gymer wife of Rafe


Marriage 18 Jun 1694 Easter Gymer & Francis Makemead by licence. Both single & of Gt Massingham


Marriage3 West Rudham 27th December 1642 Anthony Gymer (of Dassingham) & Ann Foster
Burial3 21st May 1854 Charles Gymer aged 35 (PR 353) Marriage 5th July 1852 of Charles Tuck Gymer & Martha Rose. (Docking District Q3 4b 533). Baptisms of William Gymer (1852) & Ann Gymer (1854), both West Rudham
Burial 4th May 1854 Charles GYMER aged 38?

Burial 21 May 1854 Charles Gymer aged 35 (PR 353)

Marriages from Philimores for neighbouring parishes close to Tatterford & Dersingham
Dersingham. 10th August 1663 Thomas Miles & Joanna Gymer
Dersingham. 15th October 1663 Richard Careter & Joane Gymer
Dersingham. 3rd February 1673 Ricahrd Gymer & Cicely Bennett
Heacham. 10th February 1774 Nicholas Rixe & Agnes Gymer
Middleton. 16th July 1580 John Stegle & Clement Gymer
Middleton. 24th December 1645 John Gymore & Elizabeth Copsey (wid)
Middleton. 15th February 1663 Peter Otly & Catherine Guymer (entry out of order)
Stanhoe with Barwick. 11th February 1663 Robert Constable & Alice Gimer
Tatterford. 20th July 1634 Ralph Gymer & Sessely Andersone
West Newton. 1st August 1620 William Gymer & Aymye Blogg

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