SAMUEL GUYMER Generation 1

Samuel Frostwick was born 2nd February 1807 & baptised at Stibbard on the 8th February, the son of Margaret Frostwick. Margaret died when he was barely a month old & she was buried on 5th March. It is difficult to determine how Samuel came to have the alias Guymer but possibly he was brought up by a Guymer family or as illegitimate maybe his father was a Guymer. {No definate link but see marriage of a Samuel Gymer & Mary Frostwick at generation 2 on Kettlestone page}

Samuel Guymer marries Susanna Steward (born c1810 Gt Ryburgh)
A burial is recorded at Stibbard on 26th March 1844 of Samuel Guymer aged 37 but the surname had been crossed out & Frostwick inserted. Registered Walsingham District Q1 1844 as Gymer
Susanna Frostick remarries to Henry Waterson 8th July 1849 at Stibbard by banns. Henry (lab) son of John (lab) & Susanna Frostwick (wid) daughter of John Steward

Children of Samuel & Susanna. All events Stibbard

Mary Elizabeth GuymerBorn c1828 (more below)
John GuymerBorn c1832 (more below)
Robert GuymerBorn c1838 (more below)
Sarah A GuymerBorn c1840 (more below on the balance of probabilities)
Susanna GuymerBorn 1842 (more below)
Samuel GuymerBaptBT as Frostick 18 Aug 1844 Stibbard son of Samuel & Susan & buried as Guymer 15 Jan 1845 infant (PR 235)
William GuymerBirth Walsingham Union Q2 1847, mother's maiden name Steward. Death & burial 4th February 1848 at Walsingham Union Workhouse aged 2 of Stibbard

1841 census Samuel Frostick (30) living Stibbard with wife Susan (30) and children John (10), Robert (4) & Sarah (1)
1844 Tithe schedule, property occupied by Samuel Gymer numbered 109 along Moor End. He shared access with John Robotham
1851 census Susanna Waterson (41 bn Gt Ryburgh) living at Stibbard with husband Henry (38 bn Stibbard brickmaker) & children John (19 ag lab), Robert (13), Sarah A (11) & Susanna (8). All born Stibbard & surname of all children Guymer


Mary Guymer born Stibbard c1828. Baptised as Mary Elizabeth Frostick 18th March 1829 Stibbard, the daughter of Samuel & Susan Frostick
Mary Guymer marries John Empson 8th January 1849 at the Independant Chapel Fakenham. Mary (21) daughter of Samuel (lab) & John (21 lab) son of John (razor grinder). Both single & of Stibbard. Witnesses John & Susan Guymer. Registered Walsingham District Q1 1849
John Empson died 23rd February 1885 & was buried 1st March 1885
Death registered of a Mary Ann Empson aged 72 Mitford District Q2 1899

1841 census Mary Guymer (12) living Main St, Stibbard with John Coates (40 ag lab), Elizabeth Coates (40), James Coates (70 ag lab) & Sarah Steward (75). All born Norfolk
1851 census Mary E Empson (22) living at Stibbard with husband John (25) & son Matthew (1). All born Stibbard
1861 census Mary Empson (32) living at Moor Road, Stibbard with husband John (33 ag lab) & children Matthew (11), John (9), Walter (7), Josiah (5), Laura (3) & George Wm (10 months). All family born Stibbard. All children except George Wm scholars
1871 census Mary Empson (42) living 95 Moor End, Stibbard with husbnd John (43 brickmaker) & children Matthew (21 carpenter), John (19 carpenter), Josiah (16 brickamker), Laura (12 scholar), Georgina (8 scholar), Austin (5 scholar), Susanna (3) & William E (1). All born Sitbbard
1881 census Mary Empson (58) living at Stibbard with husband John (54 ag lab & farmer of 4 acres) & children Laura (22), Austin (16 ag lab), Susannah (13), Enoch (12) & grandson George Eliot (1 born Stibbard)
1891 census Mary Empson (63 bn Stibbard living on owns means wid) living at Playhouse Yard, Wells

JOHN GUYMER Generation 2

John Guymer born c1832 Stibbard, the son of Samuel & Susanna
John Guymer marries 15th August 1855 in South Lynn to Julia Youngs the daughter of George & Susannah (Scott42). Registered Kings Lynn District Q3
Julia Guymer buried43 Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Wisbech 3rd February 1906 aged 73, wife of a hawker. Death registered Wisbech District Q1 1906
John Guymer buried43 Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Wisbech 2nd August 1911 aged 78, from workhouse. Death registered Wisbech District Q3 1911. Children of John & Sarah

Susanna GuymerBorn 1856 Kings Lynn. Kings Lynn District Q3
John GuymerBorn 15th September 1858 Grimsby (more below)
Sarah Ann GuymerBorn 1861 Kings Lynn (more below)
Julia GuymerBorn 1864 Kings Lynn (more below)
George Robert GuymerBorn 1866 Kings Lynn (more below, on balance of probabilities)
Robert GuymerBorn 12th December 1868 Wisbech (more below)
Mary Jane Guymer Born 8th October 1871 Lynn. K Lynn District Q4. Bapt Gt Ryburgh 27th June 1880. Death registered aged 9 Wisbech District Q2 1881
Georgiana GuymerBorn 21st August 1874 Kings Lynn (more below)
Walter GuymerBapt3 28th August 1877 (PR281) of John (lab) & Julia. Buried3 10th September 1877 inf (PR693). Both events West Lynn St Peter

From Stibbard School log book:- 1st July 1878 "Admitted R Gymer & M Gymer"
6th October 1879 "Robert, Mary & Georgiana Guymer left, gone to live at Ryburgh"

Death of a George Guymer aged 23 registered Kings Lynn District Q2 1884

1851 census John Guymer (19 bn Stibbard ag lab) living at Stibbard with step dad & mother
1861 census John Guymer (28 brickmaker born Stibbard) living at 21, Guanock Road, Kings Lynn with wife Julia (26 born Kings Lynn) & children Susanna (4 Kings Lynn) & John (2 Grimsby)
1871 census John Guymer (40 bn Stibbard fisherman) living at West Lynn St Peter with wife Julia (37 bn Kings Lynn) & children Susana (14 (bn Lynn), John (13 bn Grimsby), Sarah Ann (10 bn Lynn), Julia (8 bn Lynn), George Robert (6 bn Lynn) & Robert (2 bn ?? Norfolk)
1881 census John Guymer (49 bn Stibbard brickmaker) living at 28 Jumps Walk, Walsoken with wife Julia (47 bn Lynn) & children John (23 bn Grimsby fisherman), Julia (18 bn Lynn domestic servant), George (16 bn Lynn lab), Robert (14 bn Wisbech lab), Mary J (9 bn Lynn scholar) & Georgianna (7 bn Lynn scholar)
1891 census John Guymer (60 bn Stibbard marine dealer) living at 6 Witham Street, Walsoken with wife Julia (58 bn Lynn) & children Robert (22 bn Wisbech hawker) & Georganna (16 bn Lynn scholar)
1901 census John Guymer (69 market dealer on own account) living at 2 Canal Row, Wisbech St Peter with wife Julia (68 market dealer)
1911 census John Guymer (79 bn Stibbard wid formerly farm lab) living inmate at Union Workhouse, Lynn Rd, Wisbech

ROBERT GUYMER Generation 2

Robert Guymer born c1838 from censuses Stibbard. Baptised as Robert Frostick 13th July 1834 Stibbard, the son of Samuel & Susann Frostick
Marries Hannah Empson Walsingham District Q3 1863
Robert Guymer buried 8th June 1900 Holt aged 64. Of Holt (PR 633). Death registered Erpingham District Q2 1900
Hannah Guymer buried 1st April 1909 Holt aged 73. Of Holt (PR 75). Death registered Erpingham District Q1 1909

Children of Robert & Hannah.

Georgiana GuymerBorn c1863 Stibbard (more below)
Rosalind GuymerBorn 1866 Whitwell (more below)
Samuel John GuymerBorn 1868 Whitwell. Aylsham District Q2. Death Samuel Guymer aged 73 Grimsby District Q4 1941. Died43 29/09/1941, buried 02/10/1941 Scartho Rd Cemetery, Grimssby. Of 110a Scartho Rd
Janet Naomi GuymerBorn 1869 Whitwell (more below)
George Albert Edward Emmanuel GuymerBorn 1872 Whitwell. Aylsham District Q1. Burial 3rd May 1872 Whitwell inf (PR405)
George GuymerBorn c1875 Whitwell. A George Guymer dies23 09/02/1955, buried Spital Cemetery Chesterfield. Chesterfield District Q1 9155 aged 81
Maggie Charlotte GuymerBorn 1876 Whitwell. Aylsham District Q1. Death Maggie C Guymer aged 84 Nth Walsham District Q4 1961
Elvina GuymerBapt 1st September 1878 Foulsham (more below)
Ernest Askham GuymerBapt 5th November 1882 (more below)

Death22 Samuel Guymer 29th September 1941 aged 73. Buried Scartho Cemetery, Lincs 2nd October. Registered Grimsby District Q4

1851 census Robert Guymer (13) living at Stibbard with probable siblings John (19 ag lab), Sarah A (11) & Susanna (8), all born Stibbard with Henry Waterson (38 brick maker) and his wife Susanna (41 bn Stibbard). The 4 Guymer children are shown as in-laws to head of house. A term often used to mean step-children
1871 census Robert Guymer (33 bn Stibbard gardner) living at Semmons Yard, Whitwell with wife Hannah (32 bn Stibbard) & children Georgeanna (7 bn Stibbard), Rosaline (4 bn Whitwell), Samuel John (2 bn Whitwell) & Janet Naomi (1 bn Whitwell)
1881 census Robert Guymer (43 gardner & domestic) living at Main Street, Foulsham with wife Hannah (43) and children Georgiana (17 bn Whitwell dressmaker), Samuel (12 bn Stibbard scholar), Jeannette N (12 bn Whitwell scholar), George (bn Whitwell scholar) Maggie (5 bn Whitwell scholar), Alvina (3 bn Foulsham) & Ernest 5 months born Foulsham).Georgiana shown as dressmaker and all bar Alvina & Ernest are scholars
1891 census Robert Guymer (53 bn Stibbard gardener dom serv) living Holt Road, Letheringsett with wife Hannah (52 bn Stibbard) & children George (17 bn Whitwell buther's assistant), Maggie (15 bn Whitwell dressmaker), Elvina (13 bn Foulsham scholar) & Ernest (10 bn Foulsham scholar
1901 census Hannah Guymer (66 bn Stibbard wid) living at Fish Dike, Holt with children George (26 bn Whitwell domestic+), Maggie (25 bn Whitwell grocers shopkeeper), Elvira (23 bn Foulsham grocers assistant) & Ernest (21 bn Foulsham bakers assistant)

1891 census Samuel Guymer (20 bn Reepham vagrant, fisherman, unm) living Boston Union Workhouse, Lincs
1939 Register Samuel Guymer (bn 21/05/1868 retired fisherman single) living 77 Duncombe St, Grimsby
& specil 1911 census George Guymer (36 bn Witwell brewer's lab single) living Frankland's Yard, Holt, Norfolk with brother Ernest
1911 census Madge Guymer (35 bn Whitwell shop assistant dairy single) living at Cromer Rd, Holt with sister Elvina
1921 census Maggie Guymer (bn 1877) living Holt, Norfolk
1939 Register Maggie C Guymer (bn 26/02/1877 single UDD) living 7a Church St, Cromer with a WilliamGull (bn 05/09/1882 single gen lab & special constable)

From British Army Service Records 1914-1920 George Edward Emmanuel Guymer (bn Whitwell 6th April 1876) GER r/way goods porter of 30 Coronation Road, Cobham, Great Yarmouth, enlisted at Norwich 12th May 1916 Pte 159777 3/7th Essex. Transferred to the 4th (Res) Nothamptonshire Reg & discharged 15th July 1919. NoK brother Ernest. Records mention sister-in-law Mary Harriet Guymer

SARAH ANN GYMER Generation 2

Sarah A Gymer c1840 Stibbard the daughter of Samuel & Susanna. Birth registered as Sarah Ann Frostick Walsingham District Q1 1940, mother's maiden name Steward. Baptsied as Sarah Ann Frostick 20th March 1842 the daughter of Samuel & Susan Frostick
Sarah Gymer marries John Youngs 14th January 1861 at Somerleyton, Suffolk. Sarah Gymer (21) the daughter of Samuel (lab) & John (25 lab) the son of Robert (tailor). Registered Mutford District Q1 1861
Sarah re-marries to William Vergerson registered Norwich District Q1 1881
Death of a William Vergerson aged 46 registered Mitford District Q4 1891
Death registered Sarah A Vergeson aged 84 Mutford District Q1 1927. Buried Kirkley Cemetery, Lowestoft

1861 census Sarah Youngs (21 bn Stibbard) living at Brickyards, Somerleyton with husband John (25 bn Surlingham, Norfolk brickmaker)
1871 census Sarah Youngs (30 bn Stibbard) living at Brickfield, Somerleyton with husband John (34 bn Massingham, Norfolk brickmaker) & children Margaret (9 scholar), Angelina (7 scholar), William R (5 scholar) & John S (2). All born Somerleyton

1881 census Sarah Vergerson (41 bn Stibbard) livng at Cowper Rd, St Georges Yard, Cowper Cottages, East Dereham with husband William (38 bn Saham Tony, Norfolk brickmaker) & children Margaret (19), Angelina (17), William (15 ag lab), John (12 scholar) & Adelaide (7 scholar). All born Somerleyton and with surname Vergerson
1901 census Sarah Vergerson (66 born Stibbard "helps at home") living at 92 Clapham Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk. Shown as grandmother to head Margaret Saunders (45 bn Somerleyton wid living on own means). Undoubteldy she is Sarah's daughter. Also resident five children of Margaret
1911 census Sarah Vergerson (71 born Stibbard wid private means) living at 92 Clapham Road, Lowestoft visiting an Ethel Maud Saunders (19 bn Lowestoft)

SUSANNA GYMER Generation 2

Susanna Gymer born 1842 the daughter of Samuel & Susanna (Steward). Registered Walsingham District Q1. Baptised as Susanna Frostick 20th March 1842, the daughter of Samuel & Susan Frostick
Susanna Gymer marries3 Anthony Daws 17th October 1875 at Wells next the Sea (PR 183). Susanna (29) the daughter of Samuel (deceased lab) & Anthony (50 sailor) the son of John (deceased carter). Both single & of Wells. Witnesses Richard Grimes & Harriett Francis. Registered Walsingham DistrictQ4
From probate Susanna Daws (wid) dies 7th January 1928 of 25 College Rd, Iselworth, Middlesex. Death registered Susanna Daws aged 85 Brentford District, Middlesex Q1 1929

Daughter of Susanna

Jane Elizabeth GuymerBorn42 05/02/1862 Kings Lynn

A Jane Guymer marries John Knowles registered Walsingham District Q4 1888
1891 census Jane Knowles (29) living at Lugger Yard, Wells, Norfolk with husband John (43 gen lab) & son William (1 {mother's maiden name Guymer}). All born Wells
1939 register Jane Knowles (bn 05/02/1862 wid UDD) living at 7 Milner Rd, Wisbech with daughter Nellie Ward (bn 31/10/1894 wid caretaker school) & probable granddaughter Florence K Ward (bn 04/01/1918 single shop assistant provisions)
Death registered Jane Knowles aged 79 Wisbech District Q1 1940

1851 census Susanna Gymer (8 bn Stibbard) living at Stibbard with mother & step-father
1861 census Susan Guymer (19 bn Stibbard unm house servant) living at Farm House, Wood Norton with Blogg family
1881 census Susan Daws (35 bn Stibbard) living Brick Yard, Wells with husband Anthony (58 bn Blakeney brick worker), daughter Jane Guymer (14 bn Lynn) & boarder Edward J Youngs (3 bn Wells). {Birth registered Jane Elizabeth Guymer Kings L District Q1 1867 4b 349}
1891 census Susan Daws (40) living Blackhouse Yard, Wells, Norfolk with husband Anthony (60 malster's lab) & grandaughter Florrie (4). All born Wells
1901 census Susan Daws (50 bn Stibbard wid not working) living Sugar Yard, Wells with grandaughter Florence (13 bn Wells gen lab dom)

Baptism 13th January 1897 Wells next the Sea (PR 616) Florence Gymer the daughter of Jane registered Walsingham District Q4 1887, no mother's maiden name


John Guymer born 15th September 1858 Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby, the son of John & Julia (Youngs). Father a brickmaker. Registered Caistor District Q4
John Guymer marries Sarah Ann Rebecca Scott 15th May 1881 in Walsoken, Norfolk (PR 189) after banns. John (23 lab made mark) the son of John (lab) & Sarah (22 signed) the daughter of Charles Peacock Scott (carpenter) & Elizabeth Tuck. Witnesses Richard Scott & Julia Guymer. Both single & of Walsoken. Registered Wisbech District Q2
John Guymer died 24th January 1941 aged 82 at 13 Salltburn St, Hull - myocardial degeneration. From Hull Daily Mail service at St John's, Newington & buried Western Cemetary, as was wife Sarah Ann. Registered aged 82 Hull District Q1 1941
Sarah Guymer died 13th February 1929 of 13 Saltburn St, Hull

Children of John & Sarah

Elizabeth Julia GuymerBorn 17th February 1883 Grimsby (more below)
Edith Caroline GuymerBorn 2nd October 1884 (more below)
Florence Adelaide GuymerBorn 1886 (more below)
Georgina GuymerBorn 11th August 1888 (more below)
Mary Elizabeth GuymerBorn 1890 Hull. Sculcoates District Q3 9d 140. Died 1891 Hull, Sculcoates District Q1 9d 91 aged 0
John Charles GuymerBorn 24th May 1891 (more below)
Ethel May GuymerBorn 1894 (more below)
Lily Eveline GuymerBorn 1897 (more below)
Elsie Maud GuymerBorn 1900 (more below)

1891 census John Guymer (33 bn Grimsby gen lab) living at 70 Manchester Street, Hull with wife Sarah (33 bn Lynn) & children Elizabeth J (8 bn Grimsby), Edith C (7 bn Hull), Florence A (5) & Georgina (3 bn Hull)
1901 census John Guymer (43 born Grimsby bricklayers lab) living at 15 Gordan Avenue, Woodcock Street, Sculcoates with wife Sarah (43) & children Elizabeth (18 charwoman), Georgina (13), John C (9), Ethel (6), Lily (4) & Elsie (9 months)
1911 census John Charles Guymer (52 bn Grimsby tramway lab corporation)) living 18 Saltburn St, Hull with wife Sarah (52 bn Lynn married 23 yrs, 8 of 8 children born alive still living) & children Georgina (22 serv), John Charles (19 occ illeg), Ethel (16 nursemaid), Lily Eveline (14 apprentice dressmaker) & Elsie Maud (10 school). All children born Hull
1920 Electoral Roll John & Sarah Ann Guymer living 13 Saltburn Terrace, Hull
1939 Register John Guymer (bn 15/09/1858 retired tramway lab wid) living 13 Saltburn St, Kingston upon Hull, Yorks with daughter Elsie M Hudson (bn 18/07/1900 UDD wid Guymer crossed out) & John R Hudson (bn 05/09/1931 school Guymer crossed out). Plus 2 closed entries


Sarah Ann Guymer born 1861 Kings Lynn the daughter of John & Julia (Youngs). Registered Kings Lynn District Q3
Sarah Ann Guymer marries George Nobes 7th May 1882 Great Ryburgh St Andrew by banns. Sarah (21) daughter of John (lab) & George (23 lab) son of John (lab). Both single, made marks & of Little Ryburgh. Witnesses Samuel & Susanna Bunn. Registered Walsingham District Q2 1882
Death registered of Sarah Ann Nobes aged 42 Walsingham District Q4 1903

1871 census Sarah Ann Guymer (10 bn Lynn) living at West Lynn St Peter with parents
1881 census Sarah Gaymer (20 bn Ryburgh serv) living at Rampant Horse Inn, Fakenham with Neal family
1891 census Sarah Nobes (29 bn Lynn) living at Great Ryburgh with husband George (31 bn Gt Snoring +foundary) & children John George (7 scholar), Alice (5 scholar), Walter (3 scholar) & George Robt (2 mths). All children born Ryburgh
1901 census Sarah Nobes (40 bn Ryburgh) living at East Dereham Road, Great Ryburgh with husband George (42 Ryburgh engine fitter) & children Edith (16 Ryburgh dom serv), George (10 Ryburgh scholar), Charlie (7 scholar), William (7 scholar) & Mabel (5 scholar). No place of birth for last 3 chidren

JULIA GUYMER Generation 3

Julia Guymer born 1864 Kings Lynn the daughter of John & Julia (Youngs). Registered Kings Lynn District Q2
Julia Guymer marries William Reed Kings Lynn District Q3 1884

1891 census Julia Reed (28 bn Lynn) living at St John Street, South Lynn with husband William (27 bn Parson Drove, Lincs malster)
1901 census Julia Reed (38 bn Lynn) living at Wisbech Road, South Lynn with husband William (37 bn Lynn grocer on own account)


George Robert Guymer born 1866 Kings Lynn the son of John & Julia (Youngs). Registered as George R Guymer Kings Lynn District Q2 1866
George Guymer marries Delilah Thorpe 6th December 1891 at Wisbech Register Office. George (22 licensed hawker) the son of John (gen lab) & Delilah (20) the daughter of Ambrose (licensed hawker). Witnesses Mackenzie Thorpe & Julia Guymer. Registered Wisbech District Q4 1891
Death registered of a George Robert Guymer aged 28 Sculcoates District Q1 1895

Known children George & Delilah

George Robert GuymerBorn 22nd December 1891 (more below)
Adolphus GuymerBorn 1st January 1893 (more below)

1871 census George Robert Guymer (6) bn Lynn) living at West Lynn St Peter with parents
1881 census George Guymer (16 bn Lynn lab) living at 28 Jumps Walk, Walsoken with parents
1891 census George Guymer (21 bn Wisbech head marr + hawker) living at Waterlodge West Street, Bourn, Lincolnshire with wife Lilie (19 bn Bradford, Yorks)

ROBERT GUYMER Generation 3

Robert Guymer born 12th December 1868 Wisbech, Lincolnshire the son of John Guymer & Julia (Youngs). Baptised Great Ryburgh St Andrew 27th June 1880 the son of John (lab) & Julia
Marries Agnes Brown {from the birth certificate of daughter Philis 1st May 1886 at Cambridge}

Robert dies aged 35, licensed hawker on 23rd February 1903 in the District of Troqueer, Kirdcudbright (ref 44). Cause of death given as "accidentally falling while in a state of intoxication". Robert the son of John (master) & Julia (nee Young)
Agnes re-marries to Lawrence Hanley. Agnes dies aged 59 16th February 1934 at the Royal ?? Hospital in the District of Milton, Glasgow of cervical cancer. (ref 67). Agnes the daughter of John (farmer) & Mary. Both deceased. Agnes widow of Robert (horsedealer) & Lawrence (slater). Informant G G Hanley (son) of 843 Gallowgate, Glasgow

Children of Robert & Agnes

Walter GuymerBorn c1892 Lincs (more below)
Sydney GuymerBorn c1893 Worcester. Sydney Guymer buried aged 70 of 902 Speringfield Rd 14/12/1963 St Peters Dalbeth RC Cemetery, Glasgow
George GuymerBorn c1894 Skipton, Yorks (more below)
James GuymerBorn c1895 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Violet GuymerBorn 1897 Withensea, Yorks
Caines GuymerBorn c1897 (more below)
Robert GuymerBorn c1900 Leeds, Yorks. Believed married Katherine Haney Glasgow c1915
Philis GuymerBorn 7th August 1902 (more below)

1901 census Robert Guymer (32 born Wisbech travelling hawker) living at Caravan, Kirkwall Road, Headingley with Burley with wife Agnes (30 bn Norwich) & children Walter (8 bn Lincs), Sydney (7 bn Worcester), George (6 bn Skipton, Yorks), James (5 bn Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk), Violet (3 bn Withersea, Yorks) & Robert (1 bn Leeds, Yorks)
1911 census Agnes Hanley (38) living at Hillmans, North Ayrshire with husband Lawrence (37 bn Glasgow) & her children George (16 gen lab), Caines (15 gen lab), Violet (14 school), Robert (12 school) & Phyliss (10 school). All except Lawrence born England & children surnames Guymer. Also resident 2 children from marriage of Lawrence & Agnes

1931 to 1940 Electoral Rolls a Sydney & Mary A Guymer living 40 Harlow St, Glalsgow
1947-8 Electoral Rolls a Sidney C & Agnes McL Guymer living 11 Harlow St, Glasgow
1949 Electoral Roll Sidney C, Sidney G, Agnes McL & Mary Guymer living 11 Harlow St, Glasgow
1951 Electoral Roll Sidney C Guymer living 11 Harlow St, Glasgow, 1952 Sidney with Mary
1951-2 Electoral Rolls Sydney Guymer living 470 London Rd, Glasgow
1953-1960 Electoral Rolls Sydney & Agnes Guymer living 160 Abercomby St, Glasgow
1955-1960 Electroal Rolls Sydney & Agnes Guymer living 591 Alexandra Parade, Glasgow
1958 Electoral Roll Sydney C Guymer living 28 Croftbank St, Glasgow
1960-62 ElectoraL Rolls Sydney C & Mary Guymer living 28 Croftbank, Glasgow

1921 census Robert Guymer (20) living Camlachie, Lanark with probable wife Catherine (22) & daughter Catherine (2)

Probable connected to this family:- burial 01/08/1970 Mary Ann Guymer aged 75 at St Peters Dalbeth RC Cemetery, Glasgow of St Joseph's Home


Georgiana Guymer born 21st August 1874 Kings Lynn the daughter of John & Sarah (Youngs). Baptised Great Ryburgh St Andrew 27th June 1880 daughter of John (lab) & Julia. Registered Kings Lynn District Q3 1874
Georgiana Guymer marries Frank Goodale 23rd October 1892 at St Augustine Wisbech. Georgiana (18 of River Bank) the daughter of John (lab) & Frank (24 market gardener of Canal Side) the son of Robert (deceased gardener). Both single. Witnesses William & Julia Reed. Registered Wisbech District Q4 1892
Death registered Georgina Goodale aged 83 Wisbech District Q3 1956

1881 census Georgianna Guymer (7 bn Lynn scholar) living at 28 Jumps Walk, Walsoken with parents
1891 census Georganna Guymer (16 bn Lynn scholar) living at 6 Witham Street, Walsoken with parents
1901 census Georgina Goodale (26 bn West Lynn) living at Walsoken with husband Frank (32 bn Walton, Norfolk fruit grower) & children Olive May (7), Frank Wilfrid (3). Both children born Walsoken
1911 census Georgina Goodale (36 bn West Lynn married 18 yrs, 4 of 5 children born alive still living) living Kirkgate St, Walsoken with husband Frank (42 bn W Walton, Norfolk fruit grower) & children Olive May (17), Frank Wilfrid (13 learning work in garden), Walter Harold (9) & Eastland Eric (5). All children born Walsoken
1939 Register Georgina Goodale (bn 21/08/1876 UDD) living "Rosary", Walton Hoghway Marshland RD< Norfolk with husband Frank (bn 01/06/1869 farm & land worker) & son Harold (bn 15/08/1901 farmer single)


Georgina Guymer born c1863 Stibbard the daughter of Robert & Hannah
Georgina Guymer marries3 Robert Sadler Crowe 29th November 1888 at Letheringsett St Andrew (PR 76) after banns. Bride signed, groom made mark. Georgina (24 dressmaker) the daughter of Robert (gardener) & Robert (29 cabman of Lower Sheringham) the son of James (fisherman). Witnesses Albert Chestney & Bessie Norton. Registered Erpingham District Q4 1888
Death registered Georgina Crowe aged 84 N Walsham District Q2 1948

1891 census Georgina Crowe (25 bn Stibbard dressmaker) living at next to Ivy Cottage, Lower Sheringham with husband Robert S (31 bn Sheringham carriage proprietor) & daughter Mary S (8 mths bn Sheringham)
1901 census Georgina Crowe (35 bn Stibbard) living at Lavinia House, Sheringham with husband Robert (41 gen lab) children Mary Salome (12), Mabel S (7), Maggie O (5) & Ernest R (3). All except mum born Sheringham
1911 census Georgina Crowe (45 bn Stibbard married 22 yrs 5 of 5 children born alive still living) living at Lavinia House, Sheringham with husband Robert Sadler (53 gen lab) & children May Salome (22), Ernest Robert (13 school) & Stanley Francis (6). All except mum born Sheringham


Rosalind Guymer born 1866 Whitwell the daughter of Robert & Hannah. Registered Aylsham District Q3
Rosaline Guymer marries3 Albert Chestney 5th November 1887 at Letheringsett St Andrew (PR 72) after banns. Rosaline (21 serv) the daughter of Robert (gardener) & Albert (21 lab of Holt) the son of William (gardener). Witnesses Georgina Guymer & John ??cey
Death registered of Rosalina Chestney aged 23 Erpingham District Q4 1889. Buried 10th October 1889 Wisbech. Died at birth of son Walter

1871 census Rosaline (4 bn Whitwell) living at Semmons Yard, Whitwell with parents
1881 census Rosalina Guymer (14 domestic servant born Whitwell) living at Druggist Shop, Main Street, Foulsham with Newport family


Janet Naomi Guymer born 1869 Whitwell the daughter of Robert & Hannah. Registered Aylsham District Q1
Janet Naomi Guymer marries her brother-in-law Albert Chestney registered Walsingham District Q3 1891
Death registered Janet N Chestney aged 76 Norwich Outer District Q4 1946

Known child of Janet

Herbert Reggie GuymerBapt3 31st July 1891 Bale (PR 643) son of Janet Naomi. Burial3 13 August 1891 Herbert Ryfel Guymer aged 18 days (PR 348)

1891 census Janet Guymer (21 bn Whitwell housekeeper) living at 8 Hindringham Road, Bale with brother-in-law Albert Chestney (24 bn Cley wid) & his daughter Nellie M (3 bn Holt)
1901 census Janet Chestney (31 bn Whitwell) living at Cottage near the pit, Bale, Norfolk with husband Albert (34 bn Cley groom dom) her niece Nellie (13 bn Holt) & children Willie (7 bn Bale), Ernest (5 bn Bale) & George (2 bn Bale)
1911 census Janet Chestney (41 bn Whitwell married 19 yrs, 5 of 8 children born alive still living) living Bale Brinningham with bhusband Albert (45 bn Cley groom & gardener dom) & cbhildren William (17 stable & garden), Earnest (15 worker on farm), Rosa (14), George (12 school) & Philip (4). All children born Bale

ELVINA GUYMER Generation 3

Elvina Guymer baptised 1st September 1878 Foulsham (PR 14) the daughter of Robert (gardner) & Hannah. Registered Aylsham District Q1
Elvina Guymer marries Bertie Campling registered Erpingham District Erpingham Q3 1907
Death registered Elvina Campling aged 53 Norwich District Q1 1964

1881 census Alvina Guymer (3 bn Foulsham) living at Main Street, Foulsham with parenets
1891 census Elvina Guymer (13 bn Foulsham scholar) living Holt Road, Letheringsett with parents
1901 census Elvira Guymer (23 bn Foulsham grocers assistant) living at Fish Dike, Holt with father
1911 census Mrs Bert Campling (33 bn Foulsham married 3 yrs 1 of 1 child born alive still living) living Cromer Rd, Holt with husband Bert (34 bn Catton miller's carter), daughter Audrey (3 bn Holt) & sister Madge Guymer (35 bn Whitwell shop assistant dairy single)


Ernest Askham Guymer baptised 5th November 1882 Foulsham Holy Innocents (PR 114) the son of Robert (gardener) & Hannah. {From FreeReg mother recorded as Emma}. Registered Aylsham District Q4 1880
Ernest Askham Guymer marries Harriett Hannah Watts Yarmouth District Q4 1909
Ernest Askham Guymer Private G/67658 London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) {posted to 2nd/2nd Bn} died 26th October 1917 aged 34, husband of Harriett Hannah Guymer of 10 Yaxley Square, Great Yarmouth. Buried at Tyne Cot Memorial
Inscription on Holt war memorial
Death registered Harriett H Guymer aged 84 Lothingland District Q1 1969

Known child14 of Ernest & Harriett

Ursula Grace GuymerBorn 1914 Erpingham District Q3

Urula G Guymer marries Charles F Barnes registered Yarmouth District Q4 1939
Death registered Ursula Grace Barnes (bn 15/08/1914) Gt Yarmouth District Q2 2006

1881 census Ernest Guymer (5 mths bn Foulsham) living at Main Street, Foulsham with parent
1891 census Ernest Guymer (10 bn Foulsham scholar) living Holt Road, Letheringsett with parents
1901 census Ernest Guymer (21 bn Foulsham baker's assistant) living at Fish Dike, Holt with mother
1911 census Ernest Askham Guymer (30 bn Foulsham journeyman baker) living Frankland's Yard, Holt, Norfolk with wife Harriett Hannah (26 bn Sea Palling married 1 yr no children) & brother George (36 bn Witwell brewer's lab single)

1939 Register Harriet H Guymer (bn 06/10/1884 UDD wid) living 10 Yaxley's Square Great Yarnouth with brother-in-law George E E (bn 06/04/1872 tea cream vendor single) & daughter Ursula G (bn 15/08/1914 draper's assistant single {surname Barnes Guymer crossed out)


Edith Caroline Guymer born 2nd October 1884 in Hull, Yorkshire, the daughter of John & Sarah (Youngs). Registered Hull District Q4
Married John Tom Norman 15th October 1910 in Mexborough. Registered Doncaster District December Quarter 1910
Edith died 28th June 1957

Children of Edith Caroline & Norman

John Charles NormanBorn 1st August 1912 Mexborough. Married Q4 1936 Muriel Rokahr. Died November 1991 Hull
James Richard NormanBorn 1st August 1912 Mexbrough. Married 28th August 1937 Lillian Foston. Died 17th September 1975 Hull (Twin of John)
Frank Norman-
Edward Norman-
Edna NormanBorn 13th May 1914. Married Q3 1934 Douglas Sutton. Died May 1992 Hull

1901 census Edith Guymer (16 bn Hull dom serv) living at 107 St Georges Road, Sculcoates
1911 census Edith Caroline Norman (26 bn hull married 5 mths, no children) living 38 Albert Rd Mexborough with husband John Tom (23 bn Swinton, Yorks fireman G C Railway)


Elizabeth Julia Guymer born 17th February 1883 Grimsby daughter of John & Sarah (Youngs). Registered Sculcoates District Q1
Elizabeth Julia Guymer marries William Dowding Clough 12th July 1911 Leeds St George (PR 52) after banns. Elizabeth (27) the daughter of John Charles (electrician) & William (36 engineer) the son of William (deceased gentleman). Both single, signed & of 16 Woodbine Place, Leeds. Witnesses Frank Clayton & Ernest William Lockwood. Registered Leeds District Q3 1911
They had two children, Florence Lilian bn Jan 1912 Leeds & William Henry bn 12th March 1915 Partick, Lanarkshire & married Constance Meakin Lightbourn Q2 1948 Lancaster. William died 2nd August 1982 Morecombe, Lancs
Elizabeth died 1965 Glasgow

Elizabeth Julia Guymer

1891 census Elizabeth J Guymer (8 bn Grimsby) living at 70 Manchester Street, Hull with parents
1901 census Elizabeth Guymer (18 born Grimsby charwoman) living at 15 Gordan Avenue, Woodcock Street, Sculcoates with parents
1911 census Elizabeth Julia Guymer (27 bn Grimsby hotel barmaid) living Grand Central Hotel, Leeds


Florence Adelaide Guymer born September Quarter Hull District 1886 the daughter of John & Sarah (Youngs)
Married Arthur H Barnwell Hull District Q4 1907
Death registered Florence Adelaid Barnwell (bn 06/07/1889) Hull District Q1 19761

Children of Florence Adelaide & Arthur

Elsie Barnwell-
Arthur Barnwell-
Florence Barnwell-
Emily Barnwell-

1901 census Florence Gymer (15 bn Hull dom serv unm) living at Caethorpe Street, Hull Holy Trinity with Oxtoby family
1911 census Florence Barnwell (24 married 4 yrs, 3 of 3 children born alive still living) living 3 Georges Avenue, Elby St, W Hull with husband Arthur Henry (28 bn York railway porter) & children Elsie Evelyne (3), Edith Emily (2) & Arthur Henry (4 mths). all except Arthur snr born Hull. Also resident boarder William McKinnon (35 bn Manchester railway porter)


Georgina Guymer born 11th August 1888 Sculcoates the daughter of John & Sarah (Youngs)
Marries in Sculcoates 29th April 1922 to George Elvin

Georgina Elivn dies 11th February 1961 in Hull

Children of Georgina & George. All born Hull

Marie ElvinBorn 1923 & died 1925 Hull
Rhoda ElvinBorn 7th September 1924. Married Percival Harding 1948. Died 27th January 1989 Newcastle upon Tyne. No children
Carl ElvinBorn 11 August 1928. Died Hull 7th March 2003. No children


John Charles Guymer born 24th May 1891 Manchester Street, Newington, Hull Yorkshire the son of John & Sarah (Scott) (PR 45). Registered Sculcoates District Q3
John Charles Guymer marries Alison Young Grey (born 20th June 1877 Eyemouth) 19th August 1916 at Parish Church, Newington, Hull. John (25 gen lab) the son of John (gen lab) & Alison (37) the daughter of William Grey (deceased fisherman) & Mary Wilks Thompson & widow of James McAngus). Witnesses James Wm Levitt & Elsie M Guymer. Both single, signed & of 13 Saltburn St
John died 12th February 1942 Hull. John C Guymer registered aged 50 Hull District Q1 1942
Alison died 22nd November 1960 Hull

Children of John Charles & Alison

Elsie Alison GuymerBorn 25th March 1917 Hull. Bapt 08/04/1917 Newington. of 9 pretoria Ave, Edinburgh St, father a gen lab. Died 13th December 2002
Sarah Ann GuymerBorn 6th March 1920 Hull. Sarah dies41 19th October 2012 Cleator Moor, Cumberland

Elsie Alison marries Harry Clifford Ellis 22nd January 1944
Sarah Ann Guymer marries Hull District Q4 1943 to John H Armstrong

From WW1 British Army Pension Records:- John Charles Guymer of 23 Saltburn Street, Hull, labourer, enlisted aged 23 years 7 months in 12th (Serv) Bn East Yorks Reg Regimantal No. 1303 on 29th December 1914, father John Charles Guymer. Discharged 18th February 1916 as no longer physically fit for war duties due to erophthalmic goitre (enlarged thyroid gland)

1911 census John Charles Guymer (19 bn Hull occ illeg) living 18 Saltburn St, Hull with parents
1920-31 Electoral Rolls John Charles & Alison Young Guymer living 9 Pretoria Avenue, Edinburgh St, Hull

1919 & 1922 Kelly's Lincolnshire Directory:- a John Guymer (lab) living 13 Saltburn St, Hull


Ethel May Guymer the daughter of John & Sarah (Scott). Birth registered Sculcoates District Q2 1894
Married June Quarter Hull District 1915 in Hull to Thomas E Mason (born July 1893, died December 1969)
Death registered Ethel May Mason (bn 16/05/1894) Beverley District Q1 1978

Children of Ethel May & Thomas

Reg MasonBorn 2nd May 1919 Hull. Married Audrey P Conway. Died Q1 2002 Hull
Marjorie MasonBorn Q1 1921. Died Nov 1995, both Hull District


George Robert Guymer from birth certificate born 22 Dec 1891 the son of George Robert (hawker) & Lila (nee Thorpe) of "Canal Side" Wisbech. Birth registered Wisbech District Q1 1892
George Robert Guymer marries Edith May Green 2 Dec 1914 at St Barnabus, Kingston upon Hull by licence. George (22 sailor of HM Minesweeper "Hero") the son of George Robert (deceased traveller) & Edith (22 of 6 Wilberforce Avenue, Eton Street) the daughter of John (deceased lighterman). Both single, signed & of Canal Street. Witnesses Florence Louisa Mennell & Soren Green. Registered Hull District DQ4
George Robert Guymer dies1 aged 77 19 Dec 1969. Buried Macquarrie Park Cemetery, Sydney, NSW husband of Edith, father of George, Sydney, John, Andrew & Joyce

1921 Electoral Roll George Robert & Edith May Guymer living 7 Askew Avenue, North Newington, Sculcoates
From Merchant Seaman Records 1922 George Robert Guymer (born 1891 Wisbech fireman Discharge Book No. 1059427
1925 Australian Electoral Roll George Robert (fireman) & Edith May Guymer (HD) living "coal mine" Moe, Gippsland, Victoria
1931 Vic Electoral Roll George Robert Guymer (lab) living Moe, Trafalgar with wife Edith May (home duties)
1936 Vic Electoral Roll George Robert Guymer (lab) living Moe, Trafalgar with wife Edith May (home duties)
1937 NSW Electoral Rolls George Robert Guymer (lab), living Moe, Trafalgar, Gippsland with wife Edith May (home duties) & son George Ernest Guymer (bread carter)
1943 NSW Electoral Roll George Robert Guymer (engineer), living 2 Hardy St, South Yarra, Fawkner with wife Edith May (home duties)

From School Admissions George Guymer (bn 24 Dec 1892) admitted Wisbech Murrow Junior Middle 01/06/1896 of Murrow. Father deceased
From Freemason Membership 1751-1921:- George Robert Guymer (25 engineman of Dover) initiated Military Jubilee Lodge, Dover 11 July 1917
From Victoria, Australia, Deserter, Discharged, and Prisoner Crew Lists, 1852-1925:- G R Guymer deserts his ship "Port Cambell" official number 146580 June 1924. Born 1891 Wisbech. Previous ship "Blackworth"
From Passenger Lists leaving UK 1890-1960:- Edith M Guymer (32), Geo E (8), Sidney (6) & Douglas (5) depart London 3 Jan 1924 aboard the "Euripedes" of The Aberdeen Steamship Company bound for Sydney, Australia. Last address in UK, 6 Wilberforce Avenue, Eton Street, Hessle Road, Hull
From Victoria register of deserters G R Guymer (fireman) born 1891 Wisbech deserted from the "Backworth" 12 Aug 1924
Birth 21 Dec 1897 George Robert Guymer Cambridge, England. Enlisted Flinders, Victoria. Next of kin Edith Guymer. Service number VX128328. Location Canberra {duplication of entry 1901?}
Birth 21 Dec 1901 George Robert Guymer Cambridge, England. Enlisted Caulfield, Victoria. Next of kin E Guymer. Service number VX19922. Location Canberra

Probable children14 of George & Edith (mother's maiden name Green)

George Ernest GuymerBorn 11 Oct 1915 Hull District Q1 1915. Born1 11/10/1915, died 15/05/1992. Buried Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Dandenong, Victoria
Sydney GuymerBorn Dover District Q1 1917
Douglas John GuymerBorn Dover December Q2 1918. Died1 c1980 Clay, Vic
Norman Robert GuymerBorn Sculcoates District Q3 1922. Death aged 0 Sculcoates District Q3 1922
Andrew Guymer-
Joyce Guymer-

Australia WW2 Military Service:-
George Ernest Guymer (bn 11 Oct 1915 Yorkshire) enlisted Prahran service no. V37637. Served 1930-1948 Army Citizen Military Forces, NoK G Guymer
Sydney Guymer (bn 21 Jan 1916 Kent) enlisted Caulfield, Vic servicve no. VX41856. Served 1939-1948 B883 Army, 2nd AIF
Douglas John Guymer (bn 21 Mar 1918 Kent) enlisted Caulfield, Vic service no no. VX47294. Served 1939-1948 B883 Army 2nd AIF

LILY GUYMER & ADOLPHUS GUYMER (cousins) Generation 4

Adolphus Guymer from birth certificate, born 1st January 1893 son of George Robert (licensed hawker) & Leila (nee Thorpe) of 40 North Street, All Saints, Stamford. Registered Stamford District Q1 1893
Lily Guymer, daughter of John & Sarah (Scott). Birth registered Sculcoates District Q1 1897
Lily Guymer marries Adolphus Guymer Q1 1916 Hull District
Death registered of Adolphus Guymer aged 65 Q2 1958 Hull District
Death registered Lily Guymer aged 59 Holderness District Q1 1957

Children of Lily & Adolphus all registered Hull District

Gladys GuymerBorn Q3 1919
Leila GuymerBorn Q4 1921. Spinster
George R GuymerBorn Q4 1924
John C GuymerBorn Q1 1927. Bachelor
Jean GuymerAdopted
Adolphus GuymerBorn & died Q2 1930

1901 census Adolphus Guymer (8 born Wisbech) border with Spriggs family at Southsea cum Marrow, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
1930/31 Electoral Rolls Adolphus & Lily Evelyn Guymer living 1 Johns Terr, Hull. 1931 no Lily & Adolphus a Merchant Seaman
1939 Register Adolphus Guymer (bn 01/01/1894 machine grease) living 92 Seaton Rd, Haltemprice, Yorks with wife Lily E (bn 06/02/1897 UDD) & children Gladys L (bn 01/08/1919 machinist flag work single {surname Williams crossed out}), George R (bn 02/08/1914 railway porter single) & John C (bn 27/12/1926 school). Plus 2 closed entries


Elsie M Guymer, daughter of John & Sarah (Scott). Registered Sculcoates District Q1 1900
Elsie M Guymer marries to Frank Hudson From Hull Daily Mail Frank drowned aboard ST Grackle 23/01/1931. Of 12a Saltburn St. Service was held at the Fisherman's Chapel. Death registered Q1 1921 Hull District
Death registered Elise Maud Hudson (bn 19/07/1900) Hull District Q2 1979

Children of Elsie & Frank

Reginald HudsonBorn Sculcoates District Q2 1921. Died Q4 1998 Hull District
Doris HudsonBorn Sculcoates District Q2 1923 . Primary teacher, spinster
Frank HudsonBorn Sculcoates District Q4 1925 Sculcaotes District. fisherman, bachelor. Died Hull Feb 1994
John Raymond HudsonBorn40 5th September Sculcoates District Q3 1931. Died Hull 15th March, married Marjorie Hopkin 13th August 1955

From School Admissions Elsie Guymer (bn 19/07/1900) admitted Hull Westbourne 13/12/1905 the daughter of John of 13 Saltburn St
1939 Register Elise M Hudson (bn 18/07/1900 UDD wid) living 13 Saltburn Terrace, Kingston upon Hull with son John R (bn 05/09/1931 school) with dad. Plus 2 closed entries

WALTER GUYMER Generation 4

Walter Guymer Born c1892 Lincs the son of Robert & Agnes (Brown)
From army records marries Mary Jane Marshall 14th October 1913 at The Manse, Old Queens ???

Known child of Walter & Marey

Agnes Brown GuymerBorn 24th September 1914 Galston
Catherine Marshall GuymerBorn c1923

26th February 1948 death registered Western District of Old Monkland, Lanarkshire (ref 44) of Catherine Marshall GUYMER aged 23 (hawker?) of chronic bronchitus & emphysaemia, cardiac dilation & heart failure. Daughter of Walter (gen dealer) & ?? (nee Marshall)

From Scotland's People Valuation Rolls 1915:- Walter Guymer tenant occupier at 8 Low Glencairn St, Kilmarnock
1945 Electoral Roll a Walter Guymer living 157 Trongate, Glasgow

Walter Guymer enlisted 23rd August 1916 aged 26 years 8 months born Kilmarnock, married of 31 High Street, Kilmarnock Pte 27805 3rd Bn Scottish Rifles. Discharged 21st August 1918 as physically unfit due to eplipesy

GEORGE GUYMER Generation 4

George Guymer born c1894 Skipton, Yorks the son of Robert & Agnes (Brown). Baptised Heanor St Lawrence, Derbyshire 11th August 1895 father a show traveller of Newmarket Rd, Cambridge
George Guymer marries Margaret Findlay 13th January 1920 at Christ Church in the District of Camlachie, Burgh of Glasgow after publication of the Forms according to the Episcopical Church of Scotland (ref 67). George (24 slater) the son of son of Robert (deceased amusement caterer) & Agnes (now Hanley nee Brown) & Margaret (24) the daughter of William (amusement caterer) & Annie (nee Sterling). Both single & of Vinegar Hill, Glasgow. Witnesses Hugh Mooney & Mary Ellen Findlay
A Margaret Guymer buried aged 59 16th April 1965 at St Peters Dalbeth Cemetrary RD, Glasgow

1951-53 Electoral Rolls George & Margaret Guymer living Gallowgate, Glasgow
1956 Electoal Roll George & Margaret Guymer living Springburn Rd, Glasgow
1958 Electoral Roll a Margaret Guymer living 107 George St, Glasgow

CAINES GUYMER Generation 4

Caines Guymer born c1897 the son of Robert & Agnes (Brown)
Caines Guymer marries Isabella McShane 1st January 1919 in the district of St Rollox, Burgh of Glasgow after publication according to the forms of the Roman Catholic Church (Ref 15). Caines (21 carter army pensioner) the son of Robert (deceased horse dealer) & Agnes (now Hanley nee Brown) & Isabella (22 fish hawker) the daughter of Arthur (coal miner) & Mary Ann (nee McGrath). Both single & of 59 Glebe Street, Glasgow. Witnesses Robert & Phyllis Hanley
Death of a Kenneth Guymer Hanley (formerly Caines Guymer) general dealer aged 48 6th March 1944 registered Campsie District, Stirlingshire (ref 47). Caines son of Robert (horsedealer deceased) & Agnes (subsequently Handley deceased). Died of chronic bronchitus. Informant brother Robert Guymer of 161 Bluevale Street, Glasgow

1918 & 1920 Electoral Rolls Caines Guymer soldier living 141 Dryden St, Glasgow
1921 census Caines Guymer (24) living Cannon Gate, Midlothian
1921 census Isabella Guymer (22) living George Square, Midlothian
1929 Electoral Roll Kenneth Guymer living 150 Avenue St, Glasgow

From British Army Pension Records Caines Guymer, born Cambridge, enlisted age 19 years 4 months into the 3rd Bn Higland Light Infantry on 2nd April 1915, Regimental Number 4781. Address at that time 30a Munro Place, Caledonian Road, Wishaw, next of kin mother Mrs Hanley. Discharged as medically unfit due to stammering & incontinence of urine 5th July 1916 to 25 Pentland Place, Bridgetown, Glasgow

PHILIS GUYMER Generation 4

Philis Guymer born 7th August 1902 in a caravan at Cross Gates Showground, Bellshill, Lanarkshire the daughter of Robert & Agnes (Brown). Father a showman. Registered Bellhill District ref 449
Marries Thomas Grey
Death of Phyliss Grey aged 41 4th November 1943 at Combination Hospital, Abbey Road, Stirling from cerebral haemorrhage. Registered Stirling District (ref 449). Phyliss wife of Thomas (amusement +), daughter of Robert (amusement caterer deceased) & Agnes (afterwards Hanley deceased). Informant husband Thomas of 22 Abbey Road, Stirling

Unconnected as yet

Marriage 26th February 1754 at North Elmham of James Guymer (of Stibbard) & Sarah Crowe (of Guist) {see the Sharington page for more}

Burial Little Ryburgh Mary Guymer aged 45 yrs 6 Mar 1846 (PR 130) of Stibbard
Burial Little Ryburgh William Guymer aged 56 11 Mar 1846 (PR 161) of Stibbard


Burial 18 Mar 1812 Martha Gymer


1841 census Mary Guymer (12) living at Great Ryburgh with John Coates & his family


Marriage Snoring Magna from Philimores 26th February 1720 of Edmondus Gymar & Esther Leak (wid)

Marriage Great Snoring 30th December 1839 following reading of banns 15/22/29 December Samuel Gymer (wid son of William) & Maria Dawson (spinster) (PR3). BOTP & of full age. Witnesses Elizabeth Money & Jarrett Pond?

Burial Great Snoring 16th February 1848 Maria Gymer aged 53 of Great Snoring (PR331). Walsingham District

Deaths of a Samuel Gymer registered Walsingham District Q1 1844 & a Samuel Guymer Walsingham District 1845

Baptism Little Snoring 8th August 1841 Deborah Elizabeth Gymer daughter of Ann (PR307)

1841 census Ann Guymer (20 bn Norfolk serv) living Little Snoring in Clark household

Further on the villages of Little & Great Snoring


Marriage from Philimores 10th December 1773 by licence of Sarah Gymer & William Green


Marriage from Philimores 24th February 1645 Ralph Gymer & Edeny Faukener


Marriage from Philimores 21st October 1700 Thomas Gimer & Mary Clements


Marriage from Philimores 1st August 1614 Margaret Guymer & Philip Farrow

WELLS next the Sea

Baptism Frances GUYMER 11 May 1699 daughter of Edmund & Mary
Marriage6 9th January 1698 Edmund Guymer & Elizah Wilson

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