Thomas Gymer (from IGI) born c1639 Runham
Marries (from IGI) Mary Davy 16th May 1664 at Runham
A Thomas Gymer (of Great Yarmouth) is buried at Runham 7th March 1715
A Mary Gymer (widow) is buried at Runham 5th May 1723

Children of Thomas & Mary, all events Runham

William GymerBapt 14th August 1664
Mary GymerBapt 13th June 1666
Thomas GymerBapt 9 Feb 1667
Phoebey GymerBapt 9th September 1676


William Gymer marries Mary ???? (son of Thomas & Mary above?)
A Mary Gymer of Runham buried 5th November 1735 at Runham

Children of William & Mary, all events Runham

Robert GymerBapt 7 Oct 1705
Philip GymerBapt 3 Aug 1707. Buried 21 Jul 1708
Simon GymerBapt 15 Jan 1708
William GymerBuried 26 Apr 1710 of William & Mary
Mary GymerBapt 13th May 1711. Buried 24th June 1711
Benjamin GymerBapt 28th September 1712
Charles GymerBapt 4th July 1714 Buried 25th April 1718 of William & Mary
Thomas GymerBuried 13 May 1716 son of William
Robt GymerBuried 18th May 1724 of William & Mary
Robert GymerBapt 18th May 1725


John Gymer marries Priscilla ????

Children of John & Priscilla, all events Runham

William GymerBapt 23rd November 1682
Thomas GymerBapt 11 Oct 1707. Buried 11 Oct 1702


Simon Gymer marries Mary ???? (son of William & Mary above?)

Child of Simon & Mary, all events Runham

Mary GymerBapt 16th March 1734. (father Symond in PR)


Benjamin Gymer marries Martha ???? (son of William & Mary above?)
Benjamin Gymer buried Runham, aged 75 29th July 1784, clerk for near 50 years

Children of Benjamin & Martha, all events Runham

Elizabeth GymerBapt 10 Nov 1741
Benjamin GymerBapt 13th August 1743
Martha GymerBapt 24 March 1746

Other Runham events

Baptism 19th September 1670 Wm Gymer son of Willm & Mary (IGI)
Baptism 10th April 1691 Mary Gymer daughter of William & Priscilla
Baptism 25th June 1703 John Gymer son of George & Hannah
Baptism 10th February 1775 Thomas Gymer son of Simon & ???
Baptism 10th February 1776 Thomas Gymer son of Simon & Susan?

Marriage 17th November 1696 Anne Gimer & Richard Mickleburgh
Marriage 2nd August 1773 Vincent Gimer & ???? Easter
Marriage 15 Dec 1785 Martha Gymer & Willm Howton after banns. both of Runham

Burial 23rd July 1702 Barbara Gymer, wife of Thomas
Burial 28 Apr 1704 Priscilla Gymer wife of Wm
Burial February 1708 Mary Gymer, single woman (daughter of Thomas & Mary?)
Burial 24 Oct 1728 Philipa Gymer
Burial 15th February 1781 Sarah Gymer
Burial 16 Oct 1783 Susannah Gymer aged 30 wife of Simon

From UK, Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures, 1710-1811:-
Master Simon Gymer of Runham, cordwainer. Payment date 1 Jun 1778. Apprentice Jos Littlewood. Possibly the Simon who is buried at Strumpshaw 1809

And from nearby:-

Ashby cum Ormesby

Marriage (BT) 2nd October 1706 after banns Thomas Guymer & Margaret Rood or Hood

Burgh St Margaret & Billocky

Baptism Martha Guymer 21 Jun 1640 the daughter of William & Martha

Filby All Saints

Baptism 28 Aug 1696 Bryant Gymer the son of John (IGI) {see Necton Page}
Marriage 18 Apr 1697 Anne Gymer & Edward Masham
Marriage 7th December 1704 William Gymer & Mary Herbert. Groom form Runham, bride from Caister, both widows

Burial 18th January 1789 Martha Gimer (wid) aged 74

Great Yarmouth St Nicholas )

Marriage 8 Dec 1572 Wyllyam Gymer & Mary Hocker
Marriage 19 Oct 1665 Richard Gymer & Susan Blowes
Marriage12 29th December 1674 Mary Guymer & Barthol Dade
Marriage 15 Aug 1695 William Gymer & Jane Allard
Marriage 6 Nov 1707 Mary Gymer & John Rose
Marriage 27th June 1724 Rebekah Gymer & William Herring, both widows & bride of Gt Yarmouth
Marriage 2nd April 1734 Jane Gymer & John Bouden. Both of Gt Yarmouth & single
Marriage 16 Jul 1792 Simon Gymer (wid) & Sarah Thompson (spinster) botp by banns. Witnesses Susanna Bracy & Richd ??
Banns 19/26 Jul & 3 Aug 1807 (PR 564) Mary Gymer & John Richardson both single & otp
Marriage12 30th September 1876 Anne Guymer & William John Fill. Anne (35) daughter of Ben Goulder & William (32) the son of Wm John. Reg Yarmouth District Q4 1876
Burial 4 Jan 1887 George Guymer aged 3 (PR 1848). Birth Yarmouth District Q2 1883, no mother's maiden name

Burial 4 Jul 1658 Robert Gymer son of William
Burial 6 Mar 1689 Ann Gymer single woman
Burial 5 Sep 1694 Susannah Gymer
Burial 23 Jun 1704 Jane Gymer daughter of William & Jane
Burial 2 Dec 1708 Robert Gymer
Burial 29 Mar 1719 Wm Gymer
Burial 5 Aug 1728 Jane Gymer
Burial 1 Dec 1767 Martin Daines Gymer the son of William & Frances
Burial 25 Jan 1779 Frances Gymer
Burial 27 Mar 1699 Elizabeth Gymer daughter of William & Jane
Burial 18 Dec 1799 Elizabeth Gymer aged 56

Birth Kathleen Gymer Yarmouth District Q2 1856
1861 census Kathleen Canfor (5 bn Yarmouth) living at No 3 Row 20, Great Yarmouth with parents Robert (38 bn Wells basket maker) & Susan (38 bn Kettlestone {nee Colman})
1871 census Kathleen Canfor (15 bn Yarmouth factory hand) living at Fullers Hill, Great Yarmouth with parents Robert (50 bn Wells basket maker) & Susan (50 bn Kettlestone mill hand)
Kathleen Guymer (20) marries12 Charles Olley 10th June 1876 Yarmouth. Yarmouth District September Quarter 1876 ref 4b 1
1881 census Kathleen Olley (25 bn Gt Yarmouth silk weaver married) boarding withs on Arthur (2 bn Yarmouth) at 37 Fullers Hill, Yarmouth with Canfer family
1891 census Kathleen Olley (35) living at 2 Fullers Hill, Yarmouth with husband Charles (35 lab) & children Arthur (12 lab), Arthur (12 shop assistant), Robert (9), Percy (8) & Kathleen (5). All born Great Yarmouth. Also lodgers Susan Canfor (70 bn Kettlestone aunt wid) & Elizabeth Decks (79 bn Yarmouth wid)
1901 census Kate Olley (46) living at 36 Fullers Hill, Yarmouth with husband Charles (46 gas fitter's lab) & children Robert C (19 clerk), Percy (17), Kate S (15). All born Great Yarmouth. Also lodgers Susan Canfor (80 bn Kettlestone wid) & Eliza George (17 bn Rollesby dress maker's apprentice)

From UK, Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures, 1710-1811:-
Master Thos Gymer of Great Yarmouth, cordwn. Payment date 6th May 1806. Apprentice Jno B Gymer. Indentures registered 30th Mat 1806 Master Tim SILVER carpenter of Great Yarmouth. Apprentice Wm GUYMER the son of Wm. Payment date 16th April 1716


Marriage 2 May 1699 Martha Gymer & John Buttivant. Both single & of Hemsby

Ormesby St Michael

Baptism 30 October 1641 William Gymer son of Christopher & Susan
Baptism 19th December 1645 Susan Gymer daughter of Christopher & Susan

27th August 1795 Ann Gymer, Eliz Harrison & Francis Baas witnesses5 to marriage of James Mack & Susan Harrison

Rollesby St George3

Baptism 20th April 1600 Anne Gymer the daughter of Thomas
Baptism 17th July 1603 Prudence Gymer the daughter of Thomas
Baptism 3rd November 1605 William Gymer the son of Thome
Baptism 23rd May 1608 Elizabeth Gymer the daughter of Thomas
Baptism 21st October 1610 Christofer Gymer the son of Thomas
Baptism 14th May 1643 William Gymer the son of William & Martha
Marriage 10th August 1624 Ann Gymer & Thomas Konbling
Marriage 1st December 1632 William Gymer & Martha Dorkin

From UK, Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures, 1710-1811:-
Master Richd Gee carpenter of Roolesby, apprentice Richd Gymer payment date 1st June 1799


Baptism at workhouse 16th October 1831 Daniel Guymer (PR 174) of Martha


A Bryant Gymer baptised Thrigby 28th August 1696 the son of John (IGI)
Burial of Briant Gymer Ahsill 10th June 1748
Further details on Necton page

Wroxham St Mary

Baptism 1803 Martha Codlin daughter of Joseph & Mary (Guymer)

Many of these individuals will probably link in with the Martham Guymers in the fullness of time

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