JOHN GYMER Generation 1

John Gymer baptised1 23rd July 1797 Norfolk the son of John
John Gymer marries1 Mary Long
A John Gymer buried Wood Norton All Saints 26 Mar 1728
A Mary Gymer (widow) buried Wood Norton All Saint 11th April 1729

Children of John & Mary. All baptised Wood Norton All Saints

Robert GymerBapt 27th March 1719 (more below on balance of probabilities)
Margaret GuymerBapt 12th March 1720/21
Elizabeth GymerBapt March 1723/24
James GymerBapt 13th September 1726

ROBERT GYMER Generation 2

Robert Gymer baptised 27th March 1719 Wood Norton All Saints the son of John & Mary
Robert Gymer marries Sarah Smith 30th September 1742 Wood Norton All Saints
Burial of Robert Guymer (widow) 5th June 1797 Wood Norton All Saints
Burial of Sarah Guymer (wife of Robert) 27th April 1793 Wood Norton All Saints

Children of Robert & Sarah. All baptised Wood Norton All Saints

John GymerBapt 10th October 1745 (more below on balance of probabilities)
Will GuymerBapt 15th February 1748/49 (more below on balance of probabilities)
Susanna GymerBapt 7th April 1751
Sarah GymerBapt 26th December 1752
James GymerBapt 30th October 1757

Marriage 10th December 1773 East Barsham All Saints Sarah Gymer (of Wood Norton) & William Green by licence (PR 43). Witnesses Stephen Powell & Robert Clarke

JOHN GYMER Generation 3

John Gymer baptised 10th October 1745 Wood Norton All Saints the son of Robert & Sarah
John Gymer marries Mary ????

Children of John & Mary. All events Wood Norton All Saints

John GymerBapt 26th September 1773
Ann GymerBapt 3rd March 1776
Robert GymerBapt 15th November 1778
James GymerBapt 18th February 1781. Buried 9th March 1781 of John & Mary

WILLIAM GYMER Generation 3

William Gymer baptised 15th February 1748/49 Wood Norton All Saints the son of Robert & Sarah
William Gymer married Jane (believed) Parker
Burial William Gymer aged 68 at Fulmodestone (PR 13)26th July 1816
Burial of Jane Gymer aged 71 at Fulmodestone (PR 12) 8th July 1816

Children of William & Jane. All events Fulmodestone unless stated

Nicholas Parker GymerBapt 26th October 1777 (more below)
William GymerBapt 23rd May 1779. Buried 30th January 1802 23 yrs singleman
Robert GymerBapt 3rd February 1782 (more below)
Catherine GymerBapt 26 Feb 1783, buried 11 Sep 1783
Francis GuymerBorn 12th February 1786, bapt 19th Barney (more below)

Burial Fakenham St Peter & St Paul 23rd December 1792 of a Lydia Gymer aged 19 years daughter of William & Jane


Nicholas Parker Gymer baptised Fulmodestone 26th October 1777, son of William and Jane
Married Anne Mann 8th November 1803 at Fulmodestone following banns read 25 September & 2nd/9th October. BOTP. Witnesses Edmund Neale & Hannah Ellett {same witnesses as John (generation 2) of Kettlestone suggesting that they are probably related}
Burial Nicholas Guymer aged 53 at Fulmodestone 6th December 1830 (PR 111) of Fulmodestone
Burial Ann Guymer aged 53 at Fulmodestone 14 Augt 1832 (PR 126)

Children of Nicholas and Anne

George GuymerBorn 18th January 1804, bapt 22nd, Barney St Mary
William GuymerBorn 28 Sep 1805, bapt 19 Oct 1805 Barney
Nicholas GymerBapt 1808 Barney St Mary, bur 8th April 1811 aged 3 Fulmodestone
Robert GymerBapt 3rd June 1810 Barney, bur 26th March 1811 inf Fulmodestone
Robert GuymerBorn 2nd September 1812 bapt 5th Barney (more below)
Nicholas GymerBapt 13th August 1814 Barney, father a lab (more below)

From UK Post Mortem Examinations a George Gymer dies 27 Nov 1847 (born c1802) of Pleuritus, pericarditus & pneumonia. Buried 4 Dec St Geroge Hanover Square aged 45. Of Sneads Garden

ROBERT GYMER Generation 4

Robert Gymer baptised Fulmodestone 3rd February 1782, son of William and Jane
Married Anne Gaging (of Foulsham) 21st October 1808 at Fulmodestone. Robert OTP & Witnesses Nicolas Gymer & Wm Easthill
Burial Robert Guymer aged 70 at Fulmodestone 24 Jul 1852 (PR 275). Registered Walsingham Union Q3. From Death Duty Registers probate Norwich, executor Anne Guymer
Burial Ann Guymer aged 82 at Fulmodestone 10 Dec 1860 (PR 344)

Children of Robert & Anne, all events at Fulmodestone unless stated

Sarah GuymerBorn 7 Nov 1806, bapt 9 Dec Foulsham Holy Innocents
William GymerBapt 18th August 1808 (possibly married at Elsing 1826?)
Sarah GymerBorn 7th October 1808 (more below)
George GymerBapt 1st March 1812 (more below)
Robert GuymerBapt 16 May 1819 father gamekeeper. Burial 10 Jan 1845 of a Robert Gymer (26) at Fulmodestone (PR208)

1841 census Robert Guymer (55 gamekeeper) living at Fulmodestone with wife Ann (55) and Robert (20 gamekeeper). All born in county
1851 census Robert Gymer (70 bn Fulmodestone game keeper) living at Fulmodestone Severalls with wife Anne (73 born Foulsham) & servant Lydia Tuck (15 bn Thursford, Norfolk)

1845 History, Gazateer & Directory of Norfolk & the City of Norwich & 1845 Whites Directory Robert Guymer, gamekpr of Severals, Fulmodeston


Francis Guymer born 12th February 1786, bapt 19th Barney the son of William and Jane
From probate Francis Guymer late of Wood Norton (carpenter) dies 10th October 1863 at Wood Norton. Will proved Norwich by Elizabeth Cotts. Effects under 100 pounds. Burial Francis Guymer aged 83 Wood Norton All Saints 13th October 1862 (PR 304) of Wood Norton

1841 census Francis Guymer (65 carpenter) living at Ling Hale, Wood Norton with Elizabeth Cotts (55 serv). Both born Norfolk
1851 census Francis Guymer (70 Barney carpenter unm) living at Holt Road, Wood Norton, Aylsham with housekeeper Elizabeth Cotts (61 bn Bintry)
1861 census Francis Guymer (83 bn Croxton unm farmer 2 acres) living at Fakenham Road, Colkirk with housekeeper Elizabeth Cotts (74 bn Bintree unm)

1836 Whites Directory & 1845 History, Gazateer, Directory of Norfolk & the City & 1854 White's Norfolk Directory of Norwich Francis Guymer, joiner of Wood Norton
1858 Post Office Cambs, Norfolk & Suffolk Direcotry:- Francis Guymer carpenter of Wood Norton

ROBERT GYMER Generation 5

Robert Guymer born 2nd September 1812 baptised 5th Barney, Norfolk the son of Nicholas & Ann (Mann)
Robert Gymer dies 26th December 1885 aged 73 yrs 4 mths (bn England) Worcester, Vt of heart desease. Carpenter & joiner. Widow
Mary Ann Gymer dies 10th January 1864 aged 49. Buried Worcester, Vt wife of Robert. Born 1815 (from headstone England)


Nicholas Guymer baptised 13th August 1814 Barney the son of Nicholas & Ann (Mann)
Nicholas Guymer married12 Mary Loynes 26th March 1841 Holt. Registered March Quarter 1841 Erpingham District
Mary Guymer buried Swanton Novers 26 Apr 1854 aged 39 (PR 287)
Nicholas emigrates to United States after 1854
Nicholas Gymer dies 18th February 1864 aged 49 yrs 6 mths 18 days Vermont, USA of typhoid fever. Born England, farmer & single. Buried Worcester. Headstone

Children of Nicholas & Mary. All events Swanton Novers unless stated

George GuymerBapt 5th September 1841 Briston (more below)
Martha Ann GuymerBapt 26 Mar 1843 Briston (PR45) father a carpenter. Erpingham District Q1. Buried 12 Feb 1854 aged 11 (PR286)
Robert GuymerBapt 27th October 1844 (PR1174) father a sawyer (more below)
Sarah Ann GuymerBapt 10th May 1846 (more below)
William GuymerBapt 5th February 1848 (more below)
Marian GuymerBapt 24th February 1850 (PR1218) father a sawyer (more below)
Charles Guymer Bapt 25th December 1851 (PR1238) father a sawyer (more below)

At baptism of Marian & George, Nicholas's occupation given as sawyer. Previous children given as lab

Marriage 24th December 1832 at Fulmodestone Robert Gymer (otp) & Mary Ann Utton (minor). wit Nicholas Gymer. Is Robert a brother of Nicholas?

1841 census Nicholas Guymer (25 carpenter) living at Brick Kiln Houses, Holt with wife Mary (25). Both born Norfolk
1851 census Nicholas Guymer (37 sawyer Barney) living at Swanton Novers with wife Mary (36 Bayfield Lodge) & children George (9 Briston), Martha (8), Robert (6), Sarah Ann (5), William (3) & Mary Ann (1) with the rest born Swanton Novers
1860 US census Nicholas Gymer (43 farmer lab) living Worcester, Washington County, Vermont with children Sarah A (14), William (11), Mary A (10) & Charles (8). All born England. Next door is son Robert (15 bn England farm lab) with Abbott family. On the other side is one assumes brother Robert Gymer (44 farmer) & his wife Mary A (43). Both born England. Robert's real estate stated as worth $2000 & personel estate as $500 {Marriage 24th December 1832 Fulmodestone (PR 49) of Robert Gymer & Mary Ann Utton (minor) botp. wit Nicholas Gymer}

1870 US census Anna Gymer (20 bn England serv) living at Brookfields, Orange County, Vermont. Both parents of foreign birth

SARAH GYMER Generation 5

Sarah Gymer born 7th November, baptised 9th October 1808 Fulmodestone the daughter of Robert & Anne (Gaging)
Married Robert Farrow 11th December 1826 Fulmmodestone
Death registered of a Sarah Farrow aged 70 Smallburgh District March Quarter 1878 ref 4b 42

1841 census Sarah Farrow (30 inn keeper) living at Fulmodestone cum Croxton with children Sarah (13), Robert (11), William (10), Edward (7), Lydia (5) & Henry (1). All born in county
1851 census Sarah Farrow (44 bn Foulsham) living at Barney Road, Walsingham with husband Robert (54 bn Fulmodestone inn keeper) & children Robert (21 bn Barney carpenter), Edward (18 bn Fulmodestone) & Henry (10 bn Fulmodestone scholar). Also resident servant Helen Long (19 bn Bale)
1861 census Sarah Farrow (54) living at Public House, Gaywood with husband Robert (64 victualler). Both born Fulmodestone. Also resident servant & lodger
1871 census Sarah Farrow (63) living at Victoria Place, Gaywood with husband Robert (74 publican & farrier). Both born Fulmodestone

GEORGE GUYMER Generation 5

George Guymer baptised Fulmodestone 1st March 1812, son of Robert & Anne Gaging
Married Sarah Ann Lasscock (bapt 30th November 1811 Swaffham the daughter of Thomas & Mary{Hammond}) 24th Feb 1836 at Foulsham by licence (PR 146). George of Fulmodeston & Sarah Ann of Foulsham. Witnesses John & Anne Girling. All except George "made their mark"
A Sarah Ann Guymer dies in the Thursford Union Workhouse aged 46 & is buried at Wood Norton 11th September 1856. From Norfolk Chronicle 15/12/1848:- County Inquest. on 8th Wood Norton the body of Sarah Ann Gymer. Deceased had been left for some months past by her husband who had gone to America. She had a fmialy of nine children & she became very despondant & showed sypmtons that her mind was giving way. On 6th she visited some of her family in the Union House & on returning home threw herself into a well & drowned. Verdict - committed suicide whilst in a state of temporary insanity. Death registered Aylsham District Q3 1856
George Gymer dies11860 East Bethany, Genessee, New York

Children of George & Sarah Ann. Father occupation labourer for all baptisms

Robert GuymerBorn c1837 America (IGI has him born Swaffham). Bapt 18th June 1843 Stibbard. Dies 22nd May 1908 Bethany, New York
Sarah Ann GuymerBorn 3rd September 1841 Wisbech, Cambs d of George sadler & harness maker. Bapt 18th June 1843 Stibbard
William GuymerBapt 30th April 1843 Stibbard (PR500). Burial William Guymer aged 5 20th February 1848 Swaffham, son of George & Sarah Ann (PR465)
Jane GuymerBapt 3rd April 1845 Fulmodestone (PR 339). Walsingham District Q1 1845
Hannah GuymerBapt 25th October 1846 Stibbard (more below)
Mary Ann GuymerBorn 1848 reg Walsingham District (more below)
Hannah GuymerBapt 25th October 1850 Stibbard. Walsingham District Q4
George GuymerBapt 25th December 1852 Fulmodestone (more below)
Elizabeth GuymerBapt 10th September 1854 Fulmodestone father gamekeeper & lab. Walsingham District Q4. An Elizabeth Guymer1 1857-1899 buried Stafford, Genesse County, NY

1844 Tithe Schedule:- George Gymer occupying property no. 147 on the Norton Road, described as cottage & garden
1841 census Geo Guymer (25) living at Trafalgar Row, Wisbech St Peter, Cambridgeshire with wife Sarah (30) & Children Robt (4) & Sarah (9 months). All born out of county, Robt in America
1851 census George Guymer (39 bn Fulmodestone woodman) living at Norton Road, Stibbard, Walsingham with with Sarah Ann (40 bn Swaffham) and children Robert (17 bn America - British subject), Sarah Ann (10 bn Wisbeach), Jane (6 bn Fulmodestone), Mary (2 bn Stibbard) & Hannah (5 mths bn Stibbard)

1854 White's Directory of Norfolk:- Geo Guymer woodman of Fulmodeston with Croxton

From New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957:- Arrival at New York from London on 16th May 1836 aboard the "Napier", George Guymer (24yrs 2mths harnessmaker) with Sarah A Guymer (25 yrs 7 mths). {One assumes George left the UK to sound out the new life but returned shorlty afterwards, only to emigrate later}
From New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957:- Arrival at New York from Liverpool 7th May 1856 aboard the "Neptune", Geo Guymer (40 sadler)
1857 Passenger List of "John Bright":- Robert (21 joiner), Sarah (15), Jane (11), Mary (7), Anna (5), George (3) & Elizabeth (2). All surname Gaymer. Robert born US, rest born England. Sailed from Liverpool 12th July 1857 to New York

1860 US census Robert Guymer (23 bn New York saddler & harness maker personal estate $100) living at Bethany, Genesee County, New York with one assumes brothers & sisters Sarah A (19), Mary (13), George (7) & Elizabeth (5). Also resident George W Fletcher (20 bn New York harness maker). All except Robert born England

1860 US census Hannah Guymer (9 bn England) living with Worthington family in Batavia, Genesee County, New York
1870 US census Betsey Guymer (16 bn England, both parents bn England dom serv) living with Adams family at Stafford, Genesee County, New York
1870 US census Mary Guymer (20 bn New York + maker) living at Batavia, Genesee County, New York
1880 US census Robert Guymer (41 bn New York harness maker) living at East Bethany, Genesee County, New York with sister Mary Guymer (29 (bn England keeping house unm) & brother George Gymer (26 bn England harness maker). Parents of all born England
1880 US census Bessie Guymer (25 bn England, parents bn England serv unm) living at Alden, Erie County, New York with St John family
1900 US census Robt Guymer (bn Mar 1838 New York, parents English unm harness maker) living in own house at Bethany, Genesee County, New York

GEORGE GUYMER Generation 6

George Guymer born6 10 Aug 1841, baptised 5 Sep 1841 Briston All Saints (PR 2) (PR 2) the son of Nicholas (carpenter) & Mary (Loynes) of Briston
Emmigrates United States 1856
Immigration Greene County 1871 page 212 George Gymer
Marries6 Lettie Anna Stevens 19th March 1872 Greene County, Iowa
Death 23rd April 1915 George Gymer. Buried Jefferson Cemetery. (born 1841)
Death 31/03/1906 Letta Ann Maria Gymer (bn 01/03/1849 Oswego Co, NY the daughter of William & Mary Elizabeth Stevens). Buried Jefferson Cemetery, Iowa

Children of George & Letta, all born Jefferson

Mary A Gymer6Born 27th March 1874 (more below)
Charles Willard GymerBorn 29/09/1876 (more below)
Earl Herbert GymerBorn 11th July 1877 (more below)

1900 census George Gymer (bn Aug 1841 England, both parents bn England married 28 yrs immigrated 1856 farmer) living Jackson Township, Greene County, Iowa with wife Lettie M (bn Mar 1849 New York, both parents bn New York 2 of 2 children alive) & children Charles (bn Sept 1876) & unreadable male {Earl below?} (bn July 1878). Both born Iowa & farm labs
1910 census George Gymer (68 bn England, both parents born England wid own income) living at Jackson, Green County, Iowa with son-in-law Walter H Smith (39 bn Iowa married 12 yrs farmer) & his wife Mary A (36 bn Iowa, father bn England mother bn New York 2 of 2 children alive)

ROBERT GYMER Generation 6

Robert Guymer baptised 27th October 1844 Swanton Novers, Norfolk the son of Nicholas & Mary (Loynes)
Emigrated to United States 1857
Robert Guymer marries Melissa A Stewart (bn 1853) 15th December 1875 Morristown, Lamoiville, Vermont. Robert (31) the son of Nicolas & Mary Ann & Melissa (22) the daughter of Benjamin & Almira
Robert Guymer dies 29th December 1911 aged 67 yrs 3 mths 17 days Morristown, Lamoille, Vermont of pneumonia. Born Norfolk, England, married the son of Nicholas Parker Guymer. Buried River Bank Cemetary, Stowe, Vt 1912 together with wife

Child of Robert & Melissa

Mattie C GymerBorn c1879 Vermont (more below)

1880 US census Robt Guymer (36 bn England, parents bon England farmer) living at Wolcott, Lamoille County, Vermont with wife Malena A (27 bn Vermont, both parents bn Vermont keeping house) & daughter Mattie C (2 bn Vermont)
1900 US census Robert Guymer (bn Sept 1844 England, parents bn England married 24 yrs, immigrated 1857 farmer) living in own house at Morristown, Lamoille County, Vermont with wife Melissa (bn Aug 1853 Vermont, parents bn Vermont 1 of 1 child alive) & daughter Martha C (bn Aug 1875 Vermont). Also resident brother-in-law Fred Stewart (bn June 1863 Vermont, parents bn Vermont teamster)
1910 US census Robert Gymer (65 bn England, parents bn England immigrated 1857 farmer married for 34 yrs) living in rented accomodation at Stowe, Lamoille, Vermont with wife Melissa A (57 bn Vermont, both parents born Vermont 1 of 1 child alive) & daughter Mattie (31 bn Vermont 3 of 5 children alive wid). Also resident grandchildren Mary (9), Wallace N (6) & Birley? (age unreadable). All surname Gymer & born Vermont, parents born Vermont

SARAH ANN GYMER Generation 6

Sarah Ann Guymer born 06/04/1846, baptised 10th May 1846 Swanton Novers, Norfolk (PR 338) father a lab the daughter of Nicholas & Mary (Loynes)
Sarah Ann Gymer marries William Utton 13th April 1865 Vermont, USA. Sarah (19) & William (27). Both of Worcester
Death Sarah Ann Utton 16/03/1936 Montpelier, Vt. Buried Worcester Village Cemetery

WILLIAM GYMER Generation 6

William Guymer baptised 5th February 1848 Swanton Novers (PR 355), Norfolk the son of Nicholas Lab) & Mary (Loynes) of Swanton Novers
Emigrated to United States 1857
William Gymer marries Emaline M Stevens 10th April 1878 Worcester, Vermont, USA. William (30) the son of Nicholas & Mary & Emaline (33) the daughter of Asa & Charlotte. Both on 1st marriage
Emeline Gymer dies (bn 02/11/1845 the daughter of Asa & Charlotte Stevens) 09/08/1886. Buried Worcester Village Cemetery
William Gymer marries Ella S Cramm 7th August 1901 Barre, Vermont, USA. William (53 bn England carpenter 2nd marriage) the son of Nicholas & Mary Lines & Ella (45 bn Castleton, Vt 1st marriage) the daughter of Erastus & Mary Cobb. Both of Barre
William Gymer marries Gladys Jamie Welch 3rd October 1917 Montpelier, Washington, Vermont. William (69 bn Swanton Novers, Norfolk, England lab of Montpelier wid on 3rd marriage) the son of Nicholas & Mary Lyons (both born England) & Gladys (24 bn Concord of Wellesley, Mass single) the daughter of David A (bn ?? Mass) & Lydia W Smith (bn New Glasgow NS). Both white
William Gymer dies 4th February 1929 Ryegate, Caledonia, Vt aged 80 yrs 11 mths 25 days of influenza. Born 4th February 1848 Norfolk, England. Divorced labourer the son of Nicholas (bn England)
Emma M Gymer dies 9th August 1886 aged 40 yrs 8 mths 7 days Worcester, Vt of pneumonia. Born E Montpelier, Vt the daughter of Asa Stevens & Charlotte Batcheldor
Ella S Cram Gymer dies 19/02/1915 aged 59 yrs 4 mths 29 days Montpelier, Washington, Vt. Born 09/09/1855 Whitehall NY) the daughter of Erastus (bn Williamstown) & Mary Melissa Cram (bn Hyde Park) nee Hastings. Buried Green Mount Cemetery, Montpelier, Vt
Gladys Gymer (bn 20/12/1893) dies43 Oct 1970 Cotuit, MA

From New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957:-
A States Willie Guymer (24 travellor) arrives New York 21st June 1871 from Le Havre, France, place of origin England & destination England aboard the "Pereire"

Known child of William & Emma

Ralph Waldo GymerBorn Jan 1882 Vermont (more below)

1880 US census William Gymer (32 bn England, parents bn England) living at Worcester, Washington County, Vermont with wife Emma M (35 bn Vermont, parents bn Vermont). Also resident a Clara M Batcheldor (60 bn Vermont, parents bn New Hampshire wid)
1900 US census William Gymer (bn Feb 1848 England both parents bn England farm lab wid) living Middlesex, Washington County, Vermont
1920 census William Gymer (71 bn England both parents bn England immigrated 1859 naturilsed 1869 lab farm work) living with son Ralph & family

MARY ANN GYMER Generation 6

Marian Guymer born 26/12/1849, baptised 24th February 1850 Swanton Novers, Norfolk (PR 1218) father a sawyer the daughter of Nicholas & Mary (Loynes)
Mary Ann Gymer marries Edgar Anson Dailey 22nd August 1875 Calais, Vermont, USA. Mary (25 bn England) the daughter of Nicholas & Mary Lines & Edgar (22 bn Woodbury farmer) the son of Carlton & Lydia F Andrews. Both of Calais & on 1st marriages
Mary Ann Guymer Dailey dies 17th July 1938 aged 88 yrs 6 mths 21 days (bn England) of Calais, Vermont. Retired & widowed. Husband of Edgar & daughter of Nicholas & Mary Loynes. Both parents born England. Buried Calais, Vt

Birth 11th November 1874 Worcester, Vt of an unamed illigitamate Gymer of Mary A of Worcester

CHARLES GYMER Generation 6

Charles Guymer born 26/11/1851, baptised 25/12/1851 Swanton Novers, Norfolk the son of Nicholas & Mary (Loynes)
Charles Gymer marries Phoebe E Bidder 2nd April 1892 Worcester, Vermont, USA. Charles (40 farmer of Worcester 1st marriage) the son of Nicholas & Mary Ann & Phoebe (41 of Calais 2nd marriage) the daughter of Sampson & Mandora
Nellie P Gymer dies 19th March 1935 aged 74 yrs 8 mths 15 days of liver cancer Vermont (bn 4th July 1850 Potedam, Vermont. House wife, married. Daughter of Samuel (bn Canada) & Mandora (bn Calais, Vt) Moure nee Pray
Charles Gymer dies 11th January 1937 aged 85 yrs 1 mth 15 days of liver cancer (bn 26th November 1851 England) the son of Nicholas & Mary Loymes. Buried Worcester Village Cemetery, Vt together with wife. Retired & widow, husband of Nellie Bidder
Death Nellie Gymer (bn 04/07/1850 Potsdam, NY) 19/03/1925 Worcester, Vt

1860 US census Charles Gymer (8 bn England) living with father at Worcester, Washington County, Vermont
1870 US census Charles Gymer (18 bn England works on farm) living at Brookfields, Orange County, Vermont. Both parents of foreign birth
1880 US census Charles Guymer (27 bn England, both parents bn England farm lab unm) living Middlesex, Washington County, Vermont with Hunt family
1900 US census Charles Gymer (bn Nov 1852 England parents English immigrated 1864 {conflicts with 1860 census} farmer married for 8 years) living at Worcester, Washington County, Vermont with wife Nellie (bn July 1850 bn New York father born Canada, mother Vermont 4 of 4 children alive)
1910 US census Charles Gymer (bn c1852 England, parents born England married for 18 yrs farmer) living at Worcester, Washington County, Vermont with wife ??? (0 of 0 children alive) {much of census detail unreadable}
1920 census Charles Gymer (68 bn England both parents bn England immigrated 1856 naturalised 1880 farmer) living at Worcester Town, Washington County, Vermont with wife Nellie P (69 bn New York father bn Alberta, Canada mother bn Vermont)

31st August 1888 Charles Gymer born 1851 England of Worcester, Vt naturalised Burlington District Court, Vt
From The Vermont Watchman 9th March 1892:- P A Kemp has sold his farm to Charles Guymer
From Los Angeles Herald 10th February 1905 real estate transfer from Charles & Nellie Gymer to NM Melrose

HANNAH GUYMER Generation 6

Hannah Guymer born c1846 daughter of George & Sarah Ann Lassock. Baptised 25th October 1846 Stibbard
Hannah Guymer Guymer marries Frank McKenna c1875 (from US census)
Frank McKenna dies 1913 & buried Rochester, Monroe, NY
From Michigan death records Hannah McKenna (widow) dies aged 70 (born 25/10/1848 at Lancaster, England) 13/04/1919 at Detroit, Michigan. Buried Woodmere Cemetery, Detroit

1880 US census Hanna McKenna (32 bn England) living 102 Hudson St, Rochester, New York with husband Frank (37 bn New York bridge builder) & daughter Marie (3 bn New York)
1910 US cenmsus Hanna McKenna (59 bn England 2 of 6 children born still alive married 33 years) living 54 Delaware St, New York with husband Frank (68 foundary lab parents bn Ireland) & children Bessie (20 lab shoe factory) & Robert (13 machine operator collar factory). Father & children born New York

MARY ANN GUYMER Generation 6

Mary Ann Guymer born 1848 baptised 1 Dec 1850 Stibbard (PR 609) the daughter of George & Sarah Ann Lassock of Stibbard. Registered Walsingham District Q2 mother Glasscock)
Mary Ann Guymer marries Charles H Ford 1883 (from US 1900 census)
(lab) Mary Ford dies 1936. Buried23 East Bethany, Genessee County, New York

1851 census Mary Guymer (2 bn Stibbard) living at Norton Road, Stibbard, Walsingham with parents
1860 US census Mary Guymer (13 bn England) living at Bethany, Genesee County, New York with brother Robert
1870 US census Mary Guymer (20 bn New York + maker) living at Batavia, Genesee County, New York
1880 US census Mary Guymer (29 (bn England keeping house unm) living at East Bethany, Genesee County, New York with brothers Robert & George & sister Mary
1900 US census Mary A Ford (bn Jan 1855 England 3 of 4 children born alive married 24 years) living Buena Vista, Hayes, Iowa with husband Charles H (bn July 1852 England farmer)& children Eva (bn Dec 1887 Illinois) & Kate (bn June 1896 Iowa). Both parents 17 years in the States & immigrated 1883
1910 US census Marianne Ford (55 bn England married 34 years 2 of 4 children born still alive) living Buena Vista, Hayes, Iowa with husband Charles (56 bn England farmer) & daughter Kate (12 bn Iowa)
1930 US census Mary Ford (82 bn England wid married 35 yrs) living at Bethany, Genessee, New York in the house hold of son-in-law Raymond Robinara (40 thresher) daughter Jane C (44 bn New York) & their children Arthur C (8) & Ralph J (7). All other than May born New York

GEORGE W GUYMER Generation 6

George Guymer baptised 25th December 1852 Fulmodestone cum Croxton St Mary (PR 443) the son of George (lab & gamekeeper) & Sarah Ann. Registered Walsingham District December Quarter 4b 273
Emmigrates to the United States 1858
George Guymer marries45 Winifred Sponable (bn c1869) the daughter of Philip & Maryann Kincaid
Winifred dies 23 1887 & buried Pavillion Cemetery, Genessee County, New York
George Guymer re-marries to Margaret A Tebb c1890

From The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 11th May 1912:- Pavillion May 10 George Guymer died Thursday shortly before noon after a serious illness of 36 hours aged 50? He leaves 2 daughters Miss Mamie Guymer a nurse in the Park Avenue Hospital, Rochester & Edna at home & 2 sisters Mrs Charles Ford of East Bethany & Mrs Frank McKenna of Rochester. He was a member of the Pavillion Hose Company

From The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Pavillion July 21st 1907:- Tying a flatiron about her neck, Mrs George Guymer, the wife of a well known businessman of this place, raised the door of the cistern in the woodshed by her home about 11 o'clock this morning & plunged head first. What she had done was discovered by her little daughter. Mr Guymer & the elder daughter where away from home. A little more than a year ago Mrs Guymer had a serious operation which left her in poor health & resulted in great depression of spirits. Those conditionas had lead her to threaten a number of times that she would take her life, it is said. Mr Guymer had been engaged in the harness business in this village for many years. Mrs Guymer leaves 2 daughters, Mamie & Edna, her mother Mrs Mary Godell, two sisters, Mrs William Causeway & Mrs Samuel M Andres & a brother John Tebb of California

Child of George & Winnie

Ruth Isabelle GuymerBorn 27th Jan 1886 Pavillion (more below)

George Guymer re-marries to Margaret A Tebb c1890

Children of George & Margaret

daughter Guymerdied in child birth or infancy
Maria Ethel GuymerBorn October 1890 New York
Edna Irene GuymerBorn 4 July 1894 Pavillion, New York

Edna Irene Guymer marries George Hamilton Hart 31st December 1918 at Monroe (Reg No 2173). Edna (24 of 31 Elmwood Ace, Rochester bn New York no occ) the daughter of George (bn England) & Margaret {nee Tebb} (bn USA). George (30 of Eddystone, PA florist) the son of Alexander & Jessie {nee Hamilton} (both bn Scotland)
From WW1 Military Service Records Edna service start date 23/01/1918 aged 23
Edna dies53 3rd April 1982 at Lee, Florida

1860 US census George Guymer (7 bn England) living at Bethany, Genesee County, New York with parents
1900 US census Geo W Guymer (bn Nov 1855 England, parents English immigrated 1858 marr 10 yrs harness maker) living at Pavillion, Genesee County, New York with wife Margaret A (bn Nov 1865 New York, father bn England mother bn Ireland, 2 of 3 children alive) & daughters Maria E (bn Oct 1890 at school) & Edna (bn July 1894) both girls born New York
1910 US census George W Guymer (55 bn England harness maker wid both parents English naturalised) living North Lake St, Pavilion, Genesee, NY with daughters Mamie I (19 operator) & Edna I (13). Both girls, & their mother, born New York

From The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 6th June 1914:- Mary Ethel Guymer graduates as a nurse from Park Avenue Hospital, Rochester

MARY A GYMER Generation 7

Mary Gymer6 born 27th March 1874 the daughter of George & Lettie (Stevens)
Mary A Gymer marries Walter N Smith 12th January 1898 Jackson Twp, Greene County, Iowa. Mary (23)
Mary Smith dies 17th November 1971 Jefferson


Charles Waldo Gymer born 29/09/1876 Greene Co, Iowa the son of George & Lettie (Stevens)
Charles W Gymer marries Alice E Smith1 27th December 1900 at Jackson Twp, Greene County. Alice (24)
Charles Willard Gymer dies 1502/1915 Greene Co. Buried Jefferson Cemetery, Iowa
Alice Guymer Colbert (bn 03/08/1876) dies 05/05/1963. Buried Jefferson Cemetery

Children of Charles & Alice

Beulah GymerBorn 09/11/1901 Iowa. Married Christian Johann Backhaus 19/09/1952. Dies 11th June 1982 Cedar Rapids. Buried Cedar Memrorial Park
Bernice GymerBorn 04/02/1904 Greene County. Married Bernard Gene Martin January 1927. Dies 10/12/1962. Buried Jefferson
Viola May GymerBorn 11th May 1908 Greene County

Viola M Gymer marries Claire A Ferguson 20th October 1929 Greene, Iowa. Viola (21) the daughter of Chas W & Alice & Claire (30 barber of Jefferson) the son of W. B. & Bertha Davis. Both born Greene & 1st marriages. Witnesses Betha A Ferguson & Alice G Jones
2nd marriage to Robert G Legore September 1973. Viola May LeGore dies 05/02/1994 Jefferson. Buried Jefferson Cemetery

1910 census Charles W Gymer (34 bn Iowa, both parents bn England married 9 yrs farmer) living at Grant, Greene County, Iowa with wife Alice E (33 bn Iowa father bn New York, mother Wisoconsin 3 of 3 children alive) & children Beulah E (8), Bernice E (6) & Viola M (1). All children born Iowa

1920 census Beulagh E Gymer (18 bn Iowa, both parents bn Indiana no occ unm) living at Jefferson, Greene County, Iowa with step father Herbert Jones (44 bn Iowa, father bn New York mother Wisconsin manager restaurant) & mother Alice E Jones (43 bn Iowa, parents born Iowa). Also resident step-brother & sister aged 10 & 3


Earl Herbert Gymer born 11th July 1878 Greene County, Jefferson, Iowa the son of George & Lettie (Stevens)
Earl marries Bertha Mae Davis 30th October 1901
Earl Herbert Gymer dies1 30/09/1947 Carroll. Buried Jefferson Cemetery, Iowa with wife
Bertha M Gymer died 29th January 1932, born 11/02/1918 Iowa, of cerebral hemorrhage at State Hospital, Cherokee, Iowa

Children6 of Earl & Bertha

Letta Marie GymerBorn 11th Octboer 1902 Jefferson. Married Frank Dillivan 19th December 1919 Carroll
Maude Mae GymerBorn 25th February 1902 Jefferson. Married William Raymond Storm 20th November 1922 Carroll
Gladys Vera GymerBorn 13/05/1905 Carroll. Married Lawrence Thomas Davis 27/06/1925. Dies 22/02/1973 Carroll. Buried Carrolton
Orrie Clive GymerBorn 3rd August 1908 Coon Rapids (more below)
Beryl Veneilia GymerBorn 13th November 1909 (more below)
George N GymerBorn 14th December 1912 Coon Rapids (more below)

1910 census Earl H Guymer (32 bn Iowa, father bn Vermont mother bn Wisconsin married 8 yrs blacksmith on own account) living at Union, Carroll County, Iowa with wife Bertha (27 bn Iowa, father bn Iowa mother bn Illinois 5 of 6 children alive) & children Marie (7), Hannah (6), Gladys (3), Orle (son 1) & Beryl (5 months). All children born Iowa
1930 census Earl H Gymer (52 father born England mother born New York farmer married at 24 yrs) living in rented accomodation at Bristol Township, Greene County, Iowa with wife Bertha (49 father born Iowa mother born Illinois married at 20 yrs) & children Ara (son 21 farm lab), Beryl (20 farm lab), Verna (daughter 19) & George (17 farm lab). All household born Iowa
1940 census E H Gymer (62 bn Iowa wid blacksmith ? repair income $0) living Washington, Fremont, Iowa

1940 census Orrie Gymer (32 bn Iowa single farm lab $250 p.a.) living in household of James Anderson (farm operator) Washington, Fremont, Iowa

MATTIE C GYMER Generation 7

Mattie C Gymer born c1879 Vermont the daughter of Robert & Melissa Stewart
Mattie C Gymer marries Sidney McLean Jnr 1st July 1896 Stowe, Vermont, USA. Melissa (17 of Worcester Vt 1st marriage) the daughter of Robert & Melissa Gymer
Mattie probably re-marries to Walter E Sargent as birth at Stoire, Vermont 14th January 1914 Harold John Sargent the son of Mattie (35 bn Worcester 8th child of Stoire) & Walter E(39 bn Elinore lab)


Ralph Gymer born 11th January 1882 Worcester, Vt the son of William (bn England farmer) & Emma (Stevens) (bn E Montpelier) of Worcester
Ralph Waldo Gymer marries Mary E Cinnamond 1st November 1910 Montpelier, Vermont. Ralph (28 bn Worcester Vt machinist of Montpelier) the son of William (bn England) & Emma Stevens (bn Worcester Vt) & Mary (29 bn Inverness of 80 Newberry St) the daughter of James (bn St Sylvister) & Jane Jamieson (bn Halifax). Both first marriages
Ralph Waldo Gymer dies 13/02/1950 Westfield, MA. Buried Leavitt Cemetery, Charlemont, MA
Mary Elizabeth Guymer (bn 29/03/1881 Armagh, Quebec) dies 2nd January 1932 at Ryegate, Caledonia, Vermont aged 50 yrs 9 mths 4 days, homemaker. Born 29th March 1881 Armegh, Canada. Cause of death, suicide by shooting caused by mental derangement. Daughter of James & Jane Cinnamon nee Jamison. Buried McIndoe Falls, Barnet, Vt

Children of Ralph & Mary. All born Vermont

George William GuymerBorn 13th September 1911 Montpelier, Washington, Vermont of Mary Ann Cinnamon (30 bn PA 1st child) & Ralph Waldo (39 bn Worcester, Vt) (more below)
Bessie Lewella GymerBorn 13/11/1917. Marries Lawrence Patrick Kennedy. Dies 04/11/1996 Franklin Co, MA, buried Arms Cemetery, Shelbourne Falls, MA
Phyllis Jane GymerBorn 22/07/1919 (more below)
Florence Elsie GuymerBorn c1921 (more below)

Birth & death of Mary Elizabeth Guymer 25th October 1934 East Ryegate, Vermont the daughter of Bessie Guymer (17 bn Woodeville, New Hampshire 1st child) & Truxton Taylor (clerk store). Aged 3 hrs, cause of death premature baby - 7 mths. Informant George Guymer of East Ryegate

1900 census Ralph W Gymer (bn Jan 1882 Vermont father bn England, mother Vermont unm) living at Washington County, Vermont with grandparents Aran Stephen (81 bn Vermont farmer) & Hannah (77 bn Vermont)
1920 US census Ralph W Gymer (37 bn Vermont father bn England mother bn Vermont repair man paper mill) living at Ryegate, Caledonia, Vermont with wife Mary E (38 bn Canada parents born Canada immgrated 1895) & children George W (8), Bessie L (3 yrs 1 month) & Phyllis J (1 yr 6 months). All children born Vermont
1930 census Ralph W Gymer (48 bn Vermont father bn England mother bn Vermont married at 28 yrs engineer paper mill) living in rented accomodation at Ryegate Town, Caledonia County, Vemront with wife Mary E (49 Parents & her born Canada married at 29 yrs) & children George W (19), Bessie E (18), Phyllis (11) & Florence E (9). All children born Vermont. Rent nine & a half dollars

From WW1 Draft Registration Card Ralph Waldo Gymer occ engineman. NoK Mary E Gymer of East Ryegate
From WW2 Draft Registration Card 1942 Ralph Waldo Gymer bn 11th January 1882 Worcester, Vermont. Aged 60 living High St, Charlemont, Franklin, MA. Employed by Claude Carrier, Whitingham, Vermont


Ruth Guymer born45 27th January 1886 Pavillion, Genesee County, NY the daughter of George & Winnie
Ruth Guymer marries William Nelson Wellman 12th December 1912
From The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 28th January 1918:- Pavillion Jan 27. Mrs William N Wellman of this village died Saturday morning (26th January) at the Warsaw Hospital, Warsaw. Born in Pavillion 33 years ago. Daughter of late George Guymer & Winnie Sponable Guymer. Mrs Guymer died when Ruth was a baby & just before her 2nd birthday was adopted by the late Mr & Mrs William M Austin. Married William N Wellman 1912. She leaves 3 little children, Julia, Austin & a baby boy (Irvin Kincaid) born Warsaw Hospital Jan 14th. Also leaves 2 half sisters Maurice & Edna Guymer of Rochester. Funeral to be held at her home by Rev Pierre Cushing, rector of St Mark's Episcopal Church, Le Roy
Ruth buried Pavillion Cemetery, Genessee County, New York

There were rumors that William Austin adopted Ruth because he was Ruth's biological father, and that George W Guymer had married Winifred only because he had been forced to marry her. This rumor has been dispelled via atDNA matches at the 4th-6th cousin level, and George W Guymer was Ruth's biological father


Orrie Clive Gymer born 3rd August 1908 Coon Rapids the son of Earl & Bertha (Davis)
Orrie Gymer marries Bertha Janette Nielson 6th September 1942 Fort Hood, Texas
Death Bertha Janette Gymer 29/01/1932 (bn 10/10/1922 Coon Rapids, Iowa the daughter of Niels & Elizabeth) at Des Moines. Buried Jefferson Cemetery, Greene County, Iowa
Orrie C Gymer dies 15/08/1986 Des Moines, Polk. Buried sunset Memorial Gardens, Des Moines

Known children (from obit) of Orrie & Bertha

Jannette A GuymerBorn c1947. Marries Mr Schneider
Jerry C GuymerBorn c1948
Lori GymerMarries Mr Clark
Debby GuymerMarries Mr Stevenson

1950 census Orrie Gymer (35 electrician) living Coon Rapids, Carroll, Iowa with wife Berta (27) & children (Janette (3) & Jerry (2). All born Iowa


Beryl Gymer born 13th November 1909 Coon Rapids, Iowa the son of Earl & Bertha (Davis)
Beryl marries Gurtha Ellen Brown 14th January 1933 at Scranton, Iowa
Beryl V Gymer dies 5th October 1996 at Carroll of of Coon Rapids
Death 16th August 1996 at Coon Rapids. Buried Union Township Cemtary, Coon Rapids with wife
Death Gurthe Ellen Gymer (bn 25/11/192 Carroll) 16/08/1996 Coon Rapids

Known children of George & Lydia

Donna GymerBorn c1935
Doyle V GuymerBorn c1937 (more below)
Gary GymerBorn c1947
Gordon GymerBorn c1949

1930 census Beryl Gymer (20 bn Ohio farm lab) living with parents at Bristol Township, Greene County, Iowa with parents
1940 census Beryl Gymer (30 farmer $0 p.a.) living in own accomodation Union, Carroll, Iowa with wife Gunda (27) & children Donna (5) & Doyle (3). All born Iowa & living same place April 1935
1950 census Beryl Gymer (40 farmer) living Union, Carroll with wife Gertha (37) & children Donna (15), Doyle (13), Gary (3) & Gordon (1). All born Iowa


George N Gymer born 14th December 1912 Coon Rapids the son of Earl & Bertha (Davis)
George Gymer marries Lydia Frances Conroy 21st February 1938 Grand Junction
George Nyle Gymer dies 16th November 1998 Jefferson. George & Lydia buried St Jospeh Cemetery, Jefferson, Greene, Iowa
Lydia Gymer dies 2nd April 1994 Jefferson (born 27th October 1914)

Known children of George & Lydia, both born Jefferson

Joanne Kay GuymerBorn 30/04/1939. Joanne Kay Ford dies 15/05/2003
Maureen Frances GuymerBorn 17/06/1943. Marries Kenneth Daivd Harman. Dies 13/11/2010 Panora, Iowa. Buried St Jospeh Cemetery, Greene Co.
Patricia A GuymerBorn c1945 Iowa

1930 census George Gymer (17 bn Ohio farm lab) with parents at Bristol Township, Greene County, Iowa
1940 census Geo Gymer (27 blacksmith $300 p.a.) living Washington, Fremont, Iowa with wife Lydia (25) & daughter Joanna (1). All born Iowa. Geo living Rural April 1935
1950 census George N Gymer (37 blacksmith) living Bristol, Greene with wife Lydia F (35) & children Joanne K (10), Maureen F (6) & Patricia A (5). All born Iowa


George William Guymer born 13/09/1911 Montpelier, Washington, Vermont the son of Ralph & Mary (Cinnamond)
George Gymer marries1 Cora M Coolbrith
George William Gymer dies1 27/12/1957 North Adams, Berkshire, MA

Known children of George & Cora, both born Massachusetts

George William GymerBorn 18/09/1939 Rowe, Franklin, MA. Died 01/11/2009 Honea Path, Anderson, Sth Carolina
Ceryce Louilla Gymer1Born 30/03/1941 Monroe, MA. Married Andrew J Aylwin 02/05/1966 at Lynn, MA. Died 04/06/2004 North Adams, Berkshire, MA
Bernard GymerBorn 05/04/1944 Rowe, died 19/12/1981 Clearwater, Aiken, Sth Carolina
John H GymerBorn c1949

1940 US census George W Gymer (29 bn Vermont lab lumber mill) living Rowe, Franklin, Massachusetts with wife Cora M (20) and son George W (6 mths). Also resident boarders Walter Stone (14) & Betty Stone (12). All except George Snr born MA
1950 US census Cora M Gymer (30 seperated) living Florida, Berkshire, MA with children Bernard (6) & John H (1). All born Massachusetts


Phyllis Jane Guymer born 1919 the daughter of Ralph & Mary (Cinnamond)
Phyllis Jane Gymer marries Kenneth Earl Williams 3rd October 1939 Readsbro, Bennington, Vermont, USA. Phyliss (18 bn Woodsville, Vt) the daughter of Ralph Waldo & Mary Cinnamond (both both Barre Vt) & Kenneth (23 bn Halifax, Vt truck driver 1st marriage) the son of Leon Williams (bn Greenfield, Mass) & Florence Upton (bn Halifax, Vt). Both of Readsbro
Death Phyliss Jane Williams 11/04/2002 Augusta, Georgia. Buried Jacksonville Cemetery, Vt


Florence Elizabeth Gymer born c1921 the daughter of Ralph & Mary (Cinnamond)
Florence Elsie Gymer marries Davis Francis Kennedy 1st June 1931 Whitingham, Windham, Vermont, USA. Florence (18 bn Woodeville, N.H. 1st marriage) the daughter of Ralph (bn Worcester) & Mary Cinnamond (bn Quebec) & David (28 bn Buckland, Mass sugar maker 2nd marriage divorced) the son of Lawrence (bn Shelbourne Falls, Mass) & Blanche Stone (bn Colrain, Mass). Both of Whitingham

DOYLE V GYMER Generation 9

Doyle V Guymer born 12/11/1937 Carroll, Iowa the son of Beryl V & Gurtha
Doyle Gymer marries Marcia M ???
Doyle V Guymer dies 11/05/2017 Des Moines. Buried West Lawn Cemetery, Carroll Count with wife. Of Coon Rapids
Marcia M Gymer dies 21/08/1940

From Doyle's memorial:- Funeral services will be held at 10:30 A.M. on Monday, May 15, 2017 at the Coon Rapids United Methodist Church with Rev. Joyce Webb officiating. Organist for the service will be Lula Garnes and soloist will be Cindy Seastrom. Casket bearers will be Doyle’s grandsons: Justin Gymer, Gabriel Gymer, Garrett Gymer, Logan Aldinger, and Jacob Tunning. Honorary casket bearers will be Doyle’s granddaughters: Haylee Gymer, Lindsay Aldinger, Marissa Tunning, Madison Tunning, and Heidee Gymer. Burial will be in the Merle Hay Memorial Cemetery near Glidden

Known child of Doyle & Marcia

Brian Earl GymerBorn 08/09/1964 Carroll. Dies 15/05/2003 29/10/1964 Dea Moines. Buried West Lawn Cemetery

Doyle & Marcia had a further infant son who died 10/09/1963

Other events at Fulmodestone as yet unconnected

Baptism 25 Dec 1862 George Guymer son of George (lab & gamekeeper) & Sarah Anne of The Severals, Fulmodestone (PR 443)
Baptism 10 Sept 1865 Elizabeth Guymer daughter of George (lab & gamekeeper) & Sarah Ann (PR 460)

Marriage 11 June 1832 Mary Gymer & William Russell (PR 46) after banns. Botp. Witnesses Jane Gymer & John Serjeant

Burial 15th January 1845 Samuel Guymer (inf)

1861 census William Guymer (35 wheelwright) living 40 ?? Street, Swanton Morley with wife Eliza (26) & daughter Mary Ann (9 scholar). All shown as being born Ely, Cambs
1871 census William Gymer (42 bn Fulderstone carpenter) living at White Fen, Benwick, Cambridgeshire with wife Eliza (37 bn Ely)
1911 census Eliza Gymer (77 bn Ely wid) living 6 Barrack Yard, London St, Whittlesey, Cambs
{for more see William Greengrass/Gymer}

Other events in United States as yet unconnected

Death 2nd January 1932 Mary Elizabeth Guymer aged 50 yrs 9 mths 4 days Reigate, Caledonia, Vermont, born 29th March 1881 Armegh, Canada the daughter of James Cinnamon & Jane Jamison
Death1 Elizabeth Gymer (bn 30/03/1919) 02/12/2008. Buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville


Marriage 31st December 1829 at Barney of Mary Gymer & John Olley (PR 39). Witnesses Frances Gymer, J R Wilson, Robert Barnes, Alce Olley & Maria Rauze

From Monumental Inscriptions buried at Barney St Mary:-
John Guymer died 7th August 1992 aged 47

Burial 27th April 1740 Ralph Gymer

1841 census Mary Guymer (15 bn Norfolk serv) living Wood Farm, Barney


Baptism 23rd January 1630/31 Christopher Guymer son of Thomas
Baptism 26th July 1635 Anne Guymer daughter of Tho & Anne


Marriage 4 Feb 1683 Rogerus Gymer & Elizabetha Bird


Burial Great Snoring 22 Mar 1729 Edmund Guymer
1841 census Mary Guymer (12 bn in county) living at Great Ryburgh with John Coates & his family


Burial 16th February 1848 Great Snoring St Mary the Virgin Maria Gymer aged 53 (PR 331). Walsingham District 13 282


Marriage 12th October 1772 John Gymer & Mary Wakefield by banns. Botp & made mark. Witnesses William Gymer & William Masters Recorded as Guymer in banns
Marriage 8th April 1765 Robert Gymer & Mary Gazing. Groom signed, botp by banns. Witnesses James Hill & William Fox. Banns read5 24th & 31st March & 7th April 1765 (as Guymer), both single & of Wood Norton
Marriage 30th September 1773 at Wood Norton All Saints by licence of Susanna Gymer (of Stibbard made mark) & John Kemp (otp signed). Witnesses Wm Suggett & Thos Burrell

1841 census Ann Guymer (20 bn Norfolk serv) living Little Snoring in Clark household

Further on the villages of Little & Great Snoring


1841 census George Guymer (15 bn Norfolk ag lab) living at Houghton St Giles (near Little Walsingham)

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